Special News Report

Nevada City Rotary 85ers Perspectives Summary
Special News Report from Robin Milam

April 2, 2013 PE Dennis Geare and  PEN Robin Milam hosted a gathering of the
Nevada City Rotary 85ers.  A special thank you to PDG Dave and Gayle Denney
for offering their home and gracious hospitality.  The intention of the
meeting was to gather insights and recommendations from the rich history of
the group with Rotary and our Club.  Nine members of the 85er group engaged
in a lively discussion which included Wally circulating past years
Membership directories and documentation files.  

Among the many insights the group shared, several recurring themes were
expressed.  All came back to the recognition that the more involved you are
the more you get out of Rotary and Service is what Rotary is about.  We need
to continually emphasize Service above Self and engage everyone on
committees and projects.   

Among the priorities highlighted are:
1) attracting and engaging new members,
2) building fellowship through shared projects, activities, and social
events (with other Clubs, too),
3) providing active, advance communications through the Rotario and phone
3) reaching out to members who are absent, and
4) hosting quality programs that run on time and meaningful projects.  

Everyone, including new members, need to be active on a committee.  In prior
years, our Club Rotarians served on at least two committees.  Involvement
with service projects, committees, fund raisers and social events all play
an important role in creating fellowship within the Club.  The Sunshine
Committee was highlighted as important for building camaraderie and better
communication.  If someone misses two meetings, a Club Member should call to
check on them and express concern.  Appreciation for sending flowers to our
male members was specifically expressed.

Having mentors for new members is important especially during a new member's
orientation period which has typically been three months.  Providing
training and/or guidelines for mentors makes for more meaningful mentorship.

Quality programs and strong projects  are very important. In the past every
member was responsible for a program, with assistance where needed.  This
creates a level of accountability and investment in quality of programs
across the Club. Key projects highlighted were the ongoing Rock Creek and
Uganda projects and our former Mexico Club.  Projects are also a great way
to promote Rotary. Ask other groups and Clubs to participate with us, such
as Scouts, Interactors, and PV Club at the Fair booth.

The role of the historian is an important asset to the Club.  The group
expressed appreciation for the research Cathy Wilcox-Barnes is doing, want
to encourage her to continue, and are eager to hear what she is learning.
A special camaraderie was evident among this group who have shared many
years of Rotary together.  Thank you to all for participating and for your
words of wisdom!   We have captured far more notes than this summary