Rotario - July 18, 2019

Dear Rotarians and Friends,


Thursday, July 18, 2019 - Lunch 12:15pm
Fellow Rotarian Irene Perbal "My Life under Nazi Rule"

Trolley Junction Restaurant at The Northern Queen
400 Railroad Avenue, Nevada City, CA 95959 Directions

Message from President Cathy

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, come to our Rotary mixer on Thursday! That’s because you won’t find a Rotary mixer that night. Instead come at NOON on this Thursday.  We moved our meeting to 12:15 p.m. on the 18th because we have the opportunity to host a very special guest as our Speaker and you won’t want to miss her. Bring yourself, bring your spouse, bring your friends and neighbors. Just bring them at Noon, not that evening.

By now you have probably heard (if you were at Conference or last week’s meeting) or read (if you have been reading the Rotario) that the RI Presidential theme for 2019-2020 is “Rotary Connects the World.” When I first heard the theme, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. My reactions, in no particular order were: 1) What kind of theme is that; 2) How do we talk about a theme like that; 3) Are you kidding me – why can’t it be something really profound and action provoking like “Be The Inspiration” was, 4) …., 5)…..   I’m pretty sure you get my drift by now. But as I started thinking about connections and how important they are I began to see what a great theme it will be. Without a connection, be it a power cord, car battery, internet or whatever, you don’t get very far. As Rotarians, as we connect, we can be the power and tie that brings our community and the world together. This Rotary year we will strive to connect where we see needs and where we want to bring change. It starts with us individually connecting at Rotary meetings, service projects and fun fellowship opportunities. This week let’s start with the challenge to make a new connection. It can be at this week’s club meeting, in the community, in another Rotary Club. Wherever you get a chance – connect! Speaking of connecting, we have some members in our club who are experience some tough times. Some have family members with terminal illness, some are struggling with health problems (their own or a loved one), some are juggling hectic work and life schedules or any number of other things going on. This would be a good time to reach out and connect with a member you haven’t seen at a meeting in a while. See how they’re doing and how we can help. Let them know we miss them. Send them a note of encouragement. Just letting someone know you’re thinking about them and the “world” they are experiencing right now can work wonders. Rotary Connects the World!

This Week:  Fellow Rotarian Irene Perbal "My Life under Nazi Rule"

Irene Perbal was only 6 years old living with her family in Amsterdam when the Nazis invaded Holland. It was a very intense, frightening time for all of Europe. Anne Frank was two years older and went to the same school as Irene. Irene's parents were staunch patriots who took an active part in the resistance. Her father had actively been finding hiding places for Jewish friends. In 1942 the Gestapo invaded her home one morning when two people were hiding in her house. Irene shares that "The Gestapo took them away with my father. We never saw any of them again."

At our Thursday NOON meeting, Irene will share moving stories of "My Life under Nazi Rule".

Irene Perbal is a member and Past President of Rotary Club of Jackson near where she lives and is now giving talks about life under Nazi occupation in Amsterdam. She enjoys meeting people locally and around the world through Rotary.  Born in Indonesia, she lived in Holland from 1935 - 1945, including five years in Amsterdam during Nazi occupation. After the war, she moved to the Belgian Congo.  Married with two children, she and her young family fled for their lives when the Congo became independent. They moved to Brazil where she lived for 37 years. Irene founded a cultural institute to improve the relations between Brazil and the Netherlands. She moved to California in 1998 where she developed an interest in solar cooking. With the Rotary Club of Jackson, she started a program for teachers to train others the integrated solar cooking method in needy areas of Brazil. 

Nevada City Police Chef Chad Ellis - Last Week

Police Chief Chad Ellis impressed us with his leadership, wisdom and commitment to our community.  He highlighted key challenges facing Nevada City and our law enforcement team in the face of ever-changing societal norms and laws. His vision is to leverage the talents and skills of the Nevada City Police Department through partnerships with Grass Valley PD, Nevada County Sheriff, our Fire Districts and many others along with expanding training and technology.

You know Cathy is really a history whiz when she stumps us as well as Chief Ellis on her 10-question quiz about the history of Nevada City Police and the legacy of Marshalls, now Chiefs. As a tickler for those who missed it, we threw out a lot of guesses before she revealed that Chief JJ Jackson (with and his deputy) was handcuffed using his own handcuffs by three young teenagers.  Sounds like Cathy knows a lot more about this story ... for a later date!

We were delighted to welcome all five local Rotary Clubs Presidents - Marcia Salter GV, Jody Osceola 49er, Susan Drown GVS and Lindy Beatie PV along with Cathy - and the Area 4 Assistant Governor Anita Daniels along with a few spouses and PDG Doug McDonald.

Children's Festival - July 19

This year's Children’s Festival is scheduled for Friday, July 19, and will transform Pioneer Park into a Renaissance Fair.  The morning session runs from 9am-noon and the afternoon from 5pm-8pm. Nevada City Rotary is chairing the Renaissance Rubbings and Solar Prints crafts while Nancy helps run the Festival. Thanks to all who are signed up to assist with the crafts.  If you are interested in participating, contact either Gayle Denney for Renaissance Rubbings or Robin Milam for Solar Prints. The event is fun for kids of all ages!

Childrens Festival

Across District 5190

Celebrating PDG Vic Slaughter
We were saddened to learn that PDG Vic Slaughter passed away unexpectedly in late June. Many of you knew and worked with Vic in various Rotary capacities. A Celebration of Life for PDG Vic is planned for Sunday, August 11th at 2:00 pm at Red Hawk Resort Event Center, 6600 N Wingfield Pkwy, Sparks, NV 89436.  

Rotary Rafters Eliminating Polio Raft Trip - South Fork of the American River
Each year all four clubs in Auburn, CA ride the rapids to rid polio and this year we are asking Area 4 if they would like to join in. What better way to start a Rotary year that is all about connecting, then working with two area’s and multiple clubs, connecting members and their passion. Sunday August 11, 2019, cost is $125 per person with $50 of that going to you and your Rotary Clubs foundation. All food and drinks are provided for and the fun, well that is a given. For details on the day and contact for registration, visit Rotary Rafters.

Avenues of Service - District 5190 Training September 28

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Rotary Ramblers 

Each Tuesday morning at 8:00am Cathy leads a group of Rotary Ramblers on easy hikes around our community. With increasing temperatures, the group is discussing moving the regular local Tuesday hike to a higher elevation and thereby longer time commitment. For summer only they will be planning a once-a-month day hike to trails around Grouse Ridge, Loch Leven Lakes, etc. The hikes will still be easy-to-moderate and we will make sure to set a pace that is comfortable for everyone. Please consider joining us on an outing on some of our beautiful, back country trails. It's a great opportunity for exercise and more importantly fun fellowship. A schedule of the upcoming summer hikes will be posted soon.

Destinations change each week so check with Cathy if you want to ramble along with the group for a future ramble.

Nevada City Rotary Board Activities

Stay informed about actions your Nevada City Rotary Board of Directors is taking.  Minutes of Board Meetings and Club Leadership Retreats for the past year along with survey results, Club Bylaws, Nevada City Rotary Foundation 501 (c) 3 status and other documents are available in our "Members Only" section of our website at  If you need assistance remembering your user ID and password, contact Robin or reply to this newsletter.

Upcoming Events:

July 18:  MOVED TO LUNCH: Fellow Rotarian Irene Perbal  "My Life under Nazi Rule"

July 19: Friday 9am-noon and 5pm-8pm Children's Festival, Pioneer Park

July 25: 10am Field Trip to Elevation 2477 (Cannabis Dispensary)

August 1: Pre-Fair Picnic 5:30pm Treat Street POTLUCK - Cleanup Work party at 9am - noon

August 3: Final Clean up for the Fair - 9am - noon

August 7 - 11: 8:30am-midnight Nevada County Fair

August 15- Social - Tracy Pepper from Community Beyond Violence

August 22: Lunch District Governor Randy Van Tassell visit

August 29:  5th Thursday - DARK

September 5: Social Crumbunny Coffee Roasters of Nevada City

September 12: Lunch Lorraine Reich:  the “Move to Amend” Constitutional Amendment

September 19: Social

September 26: Lunch Catrina Olson, City Manager of Nevada City

September 28: Avenues of Service

October 3: Social

October 10: Lunch Dennis Geare "Ethics"

October 31:  5th Thursday - DARK

Thank you Nancy Kemp and Christine Newsom for coordinating our programs!

Special Dates


Tom Ryan 7/17  John and Carla Burke 7/28

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