Club Charter
The Rotary Club of Nevada City was chartered October 3, 1935.  Grass Valley Rotary sponsored the new Club.

1935 Charter members of Nevada City Rotary were all men.  The sole woman in the photo was Mrs. P.J. Bonner and she was the pianist for the Club. She lived up on Drummond St. and was the neighbor of Elza Kilroy.

Elza Kilroy was the main person who pushed to start a Rotary Club but then, unfortunately couldn't become a member until a number of years later because his work schedule at the Post Office didn't allow him to attend noon meetings. After retirement he immediately joined the club and became one of it's hardest working, loyal members. He was also very active in the Fire Department and the Elks and the Chamber gives an award every year called the Elza Kilroy award to honor people who  are very active in giving back to the community. As a side note, his wife, Luvia, was my 2nd grade teacher. They were both really wonderful people. His grandson operates Kilroy Tow Service and still lives in the house on Drummond St. [Cathy Wilcox-Barnes Club Historian]

In later years, Nevada City Rotary hosted a popular food booth on Treat Street at the Nevada County Fair. The fair was a major Club fundraiser for decades.  The menu changed over the years as the Club cooked up barbeque ribs, stuffed chili peppers, pulled pork and shredded chicken. 

Rotary Club of Nevada City Presidents 

Year                               President                         Classification 

1934-1935   Oscar Odegaard    Lumberman (Charter member - deceased)

1935-1936   Oscar Odegaard

1936-1937   Frank Finnegan     Practice of Law (Charter member - deceased)

1937-1938   E.V. Cain              High School Principal/Auto Court - (Charter member - deceased)

1938-1939   A.M. Holmes         Mortician/Coroner (Charter member-deceased)

1939-1940   Clyde Gwin            Tahoe National Forest Management -(Charter member - deceased)

1940-1941   Walter Carlson        Education (Charter member - deceased)

1941-1942   Hilmen Kjorlie          Education (District Governor - deceased)

1942-1943   Nye Johnson           Dairy Owner   (deceased)

1943-1944   Carroll Coughlan      Hardware (Charter member - deceased)

1944-1945   Cedric Porter           Episcopal Priest (deceased)

1945-1946   Guerdon Ellis           U.S. Forest Service (deceased)

1946-1947   Robert Tamblyn        Practice of Law   (deceased)

1947-1948   Edward Frantz          Education (deceased)

1948-1949   Lloyd Geist               Education (deceased)

1949-1950   Marvin Shock            Forest Service (deceased)

1950-1951    William Tamblyn       Theatre Management (deceased)

1951-1952    Paul Bergemann       Mortician (deceased)

1952-1953    John L. Larue            Practice of Law (deceased)

1953-1954    Elza Kilroy                Post Office (deceased)

1954-1955     Edward Clark            Education (deceased)

1955-1956     Stanley Halls            Architect/Insurance (deceased)

1956-1957     Thomas Taylor          C.P.A. (deceased)

1957-1958     Willard Rose             Banking (deceased)

1958-1959     Donald Daniels          Bowling Alley Owner

1959-1960     Ralph Colburn            Practice of Law

1960-1961     Earl LeGette              Unknown

1961-1962     Joe Morgan                Auto Dealership

1962-1963     Wendell Jones            Dairy Owner (deceased)

1963-1964     Earl Erickson              Title Insurance (deceased)

1964-1965     Roy Stauffer                Dentist (deceased)

1965-1966     Verle E. Grey              Judge (deceased)

1966-1967     Edward Browning         Education (deceased)

1967-1968     Ted J. Waddell             Forest Service

1968-1969     Charles Allert               Printing (deceased)

1969-1970     John Underwood           Real Estate

1970-1971     John Gallegos               Mgr. Nev. Co. Chamber of Commerce

1971-1972     Blaine Farber                Auto Dealership

1972-1973     Dan C. Woodard            Education

1973-1974     Haven Martin                 Methodist Minister (deceased)

1974-1975     Robert McMasters         Insurance (deceased)

1975-1976     James Kendrick            Insurance

1976-1977     Edmond Dunning           Practice of Law

1977-1978     Vin Agar                       Artist/Newspaper (deceased)

1978-1979     John Hensley                Real Estate

1979-1980     Edward Fellersen           Education

1980-1981     Maskey Heath               Propane Dealership

1981-1982     Allan Rogers                 Art Consultant/Picture Framing (deceased)

1982-1983     Fred Zunino                   CA State Auto Assoc. Mgr. (deceased)

1983-1984     Gary Daniel                   PG&E Superintendent

1984-1985      Karl Stewart                 Solar Engineering (deceased)

1985-1986      Gene Albaugh               County Administration (deceased)

1986-1987      Larry Undercoffer           County Building Manager (deceased)

1987-1988      John Rankin                  Trailer Parks Owner (deceased)

1988-1989      Dave Denney                 Management Consultant

1989-1990       Forrest Dunivin             Towing Service

1990-1991       Ben Barretta                 Public Water Service

1991-1992       Fred Heauser                Tire Retail Owner (deceased)

1992-1993       Mike Drummond            Writer

1993-1994       Joe Reynolds                 Dentist

1994-1995       Ray James                     Financial Manager

1995-1996       Dave Bunje                     Methodist Pastor

1996-1997       John Woodford                C.P.A.

1997-1998       John Burke                      Mortgage Broker (deceased)

1998-1999       JoAnn Stone                    Practice of Law

1999-2000       Kirby Sechovec                 Restaurant Owner

2000-2001       Ralph Sawvell                    Doctor (deceased)

2001-2002       Ellen Davis                        Non-Profit Administrator

2002-2003       Pearce (Terry) Boyer         Public Relations

2003-2004       Kim Stewart                   Wastewater

2004-2005       Ben Barretta                   Nevada Irrigation District Mgt.

2005-2006       Don Fultz                       Real Estate (deceased)

2006-2007       David Kennitzer               Banking IT

2007-2008       Nancy Kemp                   Banking

2008-2009       Bob Buhlis                       Postal/Shipping

2009-2010       Michael Colantouno          Practice of Law

2010-2011       Eleanor Kennitzer             Public Relations

2011-2012       Carolyn Inglis                   International Shipping

2012-2013       Pearce (Terry) Boyer         Interim Health Care

2012-2013       Dennis Geare                    Realtor

2013-2014       Dennis Geare                    Realtor

2014-2015       Robin Milam                      Internet Marketing

2015-2016       Dave Bunje                        Methodist Minister (Retired)

2016-2017       Walt Stickel                       Sr. Project Manager (Retired)

2017-2018       Cathy Wilcox-Barnes         Government Adm. (Retired)

2018-2019       Tom Ryan                          General Contractor (Retired)

2019-2020       Cathy Wilcox-Barnes         Government Adm. (Retired)

2020-2021       Tom Milam                        Video Engineering - Retired

Co-Presidents  Tom Ryan                          General Contractor (Retired)
2021-2022        Dave Denney                      Management Consultant

Co-Presidents  Carolyn Feuille                  
2022-2023        Chris Newsom                   Internal Medicine (Retired)

Co-Presidents Karen McDonald                Catholic Education
2023-2024       Cathy Wilcox-Barnes         Government Adm. (Retired)
                          Doug McDonald                 Non Profit Admin - Boy Scouts of                                                                                        America