Nevada City Rotary was pleased to induct Tally Gould as our newest member.  A native of Western Nevada County, Tally is Branch Manager for First US Community Credit Union in Grass Valley.  Tally is shown with her sponsor Pearce Boyer, Co-President Carolyn, Cathy Wilcox-Barnes who inducted her, and her husband Colton. 
Our Club members — especially Tally — were honored to have First US Community Credit Union CEO and fellow Rotarian, Shonna Shearson and Regional Vice President Patricia Shepherd celebrating Tally’s induction with us. 

Tally was a state preschool teacher for 5 years prior to working at First U.S., working directly with the Head Start programs, and Meals on Wheels, finding ways to help serve and feed some of our underprivileged children.

Tally started working at First U.S. in 2006 as a teller / Member Service Representative and is now the Grass Valley Branch Manager. Tally also just completed a financial counselor academy training course, and is now certified as a financial counselor, along with many other hats such as a self-employed notary, training specialist, a team leader, therapist, friend, mother, daughter, wife, sister, and aunty! 

Tally enjoys helping serve members of our community, providing value and safe, affordable financial services and solutions. Giving back to the Community has a been a priority for Tally and First U.S. has given her the platform to help make an impact in a variety of different ways supporting many different nonprofit organizations and projects in our local community and expanded region.

We look forward to having Tally’s family — and colleagues — continue to participate with us in Club activities. Her parents Jenny and Tom Crabb accompanied Tally and Colton at our Club social June 1. Tally and Colton have a daughter Kendall and new son-in-law Judah Myers whom we also hope to meet soon. Kendall marks a 6th generation Nevada Countian, from Colten’s side of the family.