This week Nevada City Rotary and Bear Yuba Land Trust partnered to place our Trex bench at a scenic overlook along the Noel Carter Loop of the Orene Wetherall Trail. The trail is in the Land Trust’s Woodpecker Preserve on Banner Mountain. Access to the trail and preserve is off the Cascade Canal near the Gracie Road parking lot. Chris Newsom and Shaun Clarke, Public Recreation Stewardship Manager for BYLT are both enjoying a scenic sojourn after installing the bench.
Nevada City Rotary took the lead in starting our stretchable plastics recycling program over a year and a half ago.  With our first 500 lbs of plastics collected and given to Trex Company, Inc. through their NexTrex Recycling program, we earned a Trex bench.  
Longer term members remember Noel Carter fondly.  Noel had been a long-standing and beloved member of the Nevada City Rotary.  Noel died unexpectedly in 2009.  He had named Nevada City Rotary as beneficiary on a $10,000 bequest from his employer Bank of America.  Our club honored him by partnering with the Land Trust to complete the Noel Carter Loop of the Orlene Wetherall Trail.