The Joy of Victorian Christmas is happening.

Celebrate with Nevada City Rotary and Police Department

A big thank you to all who have signed up to partner with Chief Dan Foss and officers at the Victorian Christmas events and to Cathy for all her delicious treats!
Wrapping up Sunday Dec17, 2023
Sunny - NCPD’s mini-horse Mascot was a big hit Wednesday night!
Opening day!
Wednesday was wet but people were in great spirits! 
Sunday Judy and George joined Cathy and her family with Lilly and Kevin Smith.
Rotarians mingled with the crowds and gave information, if asked, on such things as where the bathrooms are, etc.  And sharing Sunny with children of all ages was a favorite treat. Partnering with NCPD officers, Rotarians provided personal assistance to a few visitors.
Photo credit:  Nevada City Police Department