Join fellow Rotarians - Give blood, transform lives!
Until December 31...

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Only a few more days! Celebrate the holiday season through December 31, 2023 in partnership with local Rotarians saving lives! For a personal invitation and instructions …

Fellow Rotarians,

When I was growing up my father owned a hardware store and was a Rotarian in Los Altos, CA.  A group within his club had an ongoing project of donating blood for a local hemophiliac child.  That ongoing act by my father and his club’s members has always been in my mind whenever I have donated blood, which now goes back over 45 years and I’m close to having donated 15 gallons of whole blood in aggregate so far.

For those of you that may already be regular blood donors or have given blood locally, you know that every year Vitalant and all the blood banks nationwide are always asking for donations of blood during the holiday season.  There are two main reasons for this:  1)  donations from otherwise regular donors go down as donors travel and/or are otherwise very busy during the holiday season, and 2)  due to the increase nationwide in travel, particularly by motor vehicle, the need for blood goes up due to more auto accidents.

Working with the very helpful staff of the Vitalant blood centers I have arranged a blood drive for our Area’s members to donate blood.  Unlike most blood drives though this will not be a one-day collection.  It will run from November 15 through December 31, 2023.  Please read the attached PDF from Vitalant And, if you are able and willing to donate blood during this period, please click on the link to request an invitation for appointment.  This offers you a lot of flexibility as you can donate at either the Grass Valley, Auburn or other Vitalant offices and choose from many days and many time slots during this period to make the donation to fit into your schedule. 

NOTE:  When looking for a date to donate, be sure to keep scrolling down the webpage, click on the + sign at the end of the list presented to you to have more dates shown.

I hope you will join me in this blood drive.  I’d like to be able to report back after the first of the year that Rotarians donated 25 or more pints during this drive.

Russell H. Wilder

Community AOS Chair 2023-2024

49er Breakfast Rotary Club of Nevada City