Our team is back from Los Barriles for our club’s 7th International project with the Rotary Club of Los Barriles, Cabo del Este.  A cadre of Rotarians - including 49er, family, and friends participated this year.

Our return to Los Barriles for our health screenings of school kids was a real delight. The main focus of our trip this year after three years of absence -- thanks to Covid -- was an all-out intensive: screening over 350 school kids in two days. Nevada City Rotary delivered several hundred sets of eyeglasses which were distributed during the clinics.
We also visited the Centro de Salud to see the improvements that  have been made, including how our past donations were used. We have supported expansion of the clinic as well as physiotherapy equipment and tools to treat patients with chronic osteoarthritis pain. 
Chris Geyer has served as our Los Barriles coordinator since our first trip in 2015. We offered our appreciation award to Chris who was very touched and thankful.
Members of the Cabo de Este Los Barriles Rotary Club were very welcoming, supportive, and fun. One happy child with his new glasses!
Please tune in with next week’s Rotario to learn the details of our activities and the rewards of participating in this ongoing project
One happy child with his new glasses!