Come join us for our club’s 7th International project with the Rotary Club of Los Barriles, Cabo del Este March 14 through March18, 2023. Members, friends, and families are again invited to participate.
Paul Boch is managing our project. He is encouraging participants to make reservations at the Los Barriles Hotel now while rooms are available.  Please contact Paul for more details:Tel. 530-712-7273  Email:
During our last three visits, more than 400 school children in the town of Los Barriles and families in remote outlying areas were screened for glucose levels - as a precursor for diabetes - blood pressure, vision and dental. Records were kept and follow-up visits were held for those with immediate medical needs. The Rotarians brought eyeglasses to distribute to those needing them for reading. In addition to the town of Los Barriles, the volunteers also drove to the isolated communities of El Cardinal, El Campamento and San Bartolo where there is no health care. 
Members, friends, and families are again invited to participate March 14 - 18.  The exact schedule is still being coordinated with our fellow Rotarians in Los Barriles.
We have also provided funding to the small government health clinic, Centro de Salud, to support expansion of the facility as well as physiotherapy equipment and tools to treat patients with chronic osteoarthritis pain.
Each year our Club provides funding to address expressed needs of one or both of these clinics and individual members donate additional funds.
Expect to depart March 14, work March 15 and 17, with a relaxation day on the 16th, and return home on the 18th.  This year we are aiming to do school testing on 2 days. Wednesday is definite and we’ll work either Thursday or Friday for the second day.  One day participants will be free to enjoy the town of Los Barriles and the surrounding area.
We will stay a short walk from a grammar school and start on March 15 around 9 am. and work until 3:30 or 4 pm.
Let Paul know if you are interested:  Paul Boch  530-712-7273  or

Travel Options for March 14 – 18th

Los Barriles is a small town about 45 miles north of San Jose Del Cabo airport on the Sea of Cortez.


Los Barriles Hotel:  Visit to book. Rates are:
$80 a night single includes tax $320
$95 a night double includes tax $380
The Los Barriles Hotel has 6 rooms saved and 5 others available as of now.  We have stayed here for 5 of the visits.
Check internet for other hotels, Air B&B’s.
Shuttle from airport to hotel one way
4-5 passengers   $120
6-8 passengers   $150

Flight Options

(SMF = Sacto; SJD = Cabo; SAN = San Diego; CBX = Tiajuana) as of Nov 21, 2022

  • Southwest SMF - SJD with return via SAN - $532
March 14     SMF Southwest( SW) 7.30 am – nonstop SJD 2.20pm
March 18     SJD SW 12.30 pm – 3.05 pm SAN
                      SAN 7.05 - SMF 8.40pm or  8.55 pm SMF 10.25pm  
  • SMF - SJD via Tijuana shuttle Various fees
March 14     SMF   SW -SAN  11.35am                    $69
                      Shuttle to CBX                                                   $14
CBX Volaris 2.30 pm NS  SJD  4.40pm
March 18     Volaris 11.59am to CBX  2.11pm                $199
                        Shuttle from CBX                                            $14
                        SAN  Alaska 7.50 pm  -  NS SMF 9.36pm     $154             $450
                        SAN  SW  7.05 pm – SMF 8.40pm                $104             $400
                        SAN  SW  8.55 pm – SMF 10.25                    $104             $400
  • American Via LAX and PHX     $699
March 14     SAN American 6.05am   LAX     SJD 11.05am
March 18     SJD   American 12.48pm   PHX    SMF 6.40pm        
  • Delta Via LAX                             $457          
March 14     SMF Delta  6.00am    LAX   11.05 am SJD 11.05
March 18     SJD  Delta  3.28pm – 6.08 LAX  10.00 pm SMF 11.24      $457