Nevada City Rotary was delighted to extend a warm welcome to Rotary Global Scholar, Evani Radiya-Dixit and her parents on Thursday August 25.  Evani presented an inspiring overview of her year in Cambridge conducting research at the Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy at the University of Cambridge as a Rotary Global Scholar.  Her focus was the ethical use of facial recognition technologies. 
Evani reaffirmed that her research aligns with Rotary's work in peacebuilding and conflict prevention by revealing the risks and harms of facial recognition and by informing tech policy in a manner that mitigates discrimination and promotes peace.
Pictured with Evani and her parents are District Grants chair Bill Boon and the Nevada City Rotary Global Scholarship Committee Co-President Carolyn Feuille, Treasure/PP Tom Ryan and PP Tom Milam.  
Evani was sponsored by The Rotary Foundation, District 5190, Nevada City Rotary and Grass Valley Rotary. She was hosted in the UK by Cambridge Sawston Rotary Club.
Bill Boon and Tom Ryan oversee Carolyn Feuille as she attempts the final approval to close out and release Evani‚Äôs Global Scholarship Grant report to Rotary International.  A big thank you to Tom, Bill and all for the behind the scenes efforts to manage and complete our Rotary Global Grant!
We congratulate and salute Evani for her critical leading edge facial recognition research and ethical policy development work.