Nevada City Rotary Club and
Club Rotario Los Barriles Cabo del Este
April 10-14, 2024 in Los Barriles, Baja, Mx

We look forward to tales from Los Barriles! Enjoy the photos!

For most of the past 8 years, members of the Nevada City Rotary Club have provided health screenings for hundreds of kids in the East Cape area. Screenings are for glucose levels (to determine possible diabetes), blood pressure, vision, and a much-needed dental exam These screenings are very appreciated and followed up by the East Cape Health Clinic. See 2023 Los Barriles Slideshow.

If it weren’t for all the Rotarians volunteering in this project, some of the children might develop health problems that could go undetected, as many families do not see doctors regularly. Nevada City Rotary has also provided additional life-changing donations of eyeglasses distribution in Los Barriles and outlying areas.



Los Barriles is located about 60 minutes away from the Los Cabos International Airport on the Sea of Cortez in Baja California Sur.  

This year’s dates:  April 10th -- 14th.  

April 10:  Arrive by 4 pm. so as to get to your hotel and be ready for the welcome dinner that evening.
April 11-12:  Health screenings at nearby schools
April 13:  Day of leisure and fun or return home. Shuttle to Cabo San Lucas airport.
April 14:  Return home. Shuttle to Cabo San Lucas airport. 
Each day in the evenings we relax with fabulous food and drink.
Coming to Los Barriles is an amazing experience! We in the Los Barriles Rotary Club feel so fortunate to have you come down and contribute to our annual program.

Please contact us if you are interested!
Paul Boch –
Alicia Hundley in Los Barriles -


Los Barriles Hotel  - to book  3 star​ 

  • $85 a night single includes tax  ​   $340
  • ​​​$100 a night double includes tax​​  $400

Deposit 1 night refundable if canceled 14 days before stay.​

This hotel is a favorite of Nevada City Club Rotarians and is within short walking distance to lots of restaurants and shops.

Other hotels in town:

  • Hotel Playa del Sol - on the beach and in town - $154 3 star
  • Hotel Palmas de Cortez - on the beach and in town - $115-$136 3 star
  • Air B&B:  Lots of choices.  Some require getting there by car only.

Shuttle from airport to hotel one way ​

  • 4-5​passengers​     $120
  • 6-8​passengers.    ​$150
Paul is ticketed down on April 10th Southwest 7:20 am to Santa Anna then in to Cabo. Price was $284. He is coming back the 13th at 3:30pm Southwest non stop to Sacramento price was $254.
April 9            SMF Southwest( SW) 7.32 am – SNA 3hr - SJD 3.15pm   $251
April 9            SMF Volaris 11.51 pm -Guadalajara 2 hr -SJD 7.51 am    $236
April 10         SMF  SW 7.30 am – SNA 3hr - SJD            3.15pm               $295
April 10         SAN American 6.05am -PHX  2hr SJD    12.12pm B $226 M $264
SAN American 9.55am - PHX  30 min SJD 2.21pm B$196 M$226
April 10         SAN Delta 6am LAX 1 hr SJD                   10.41am                   $141
April 10         SMF  SW 7.30am -SAN  8.55am                                       $54
SMF  SW -SAN  11.35am                                       $84
                        Lyft from SAN to CBX  (Cross Border Express)            up to 4 $50 then
            Tijuana   Volaris  10.17 am NonStop  SJD 12.24 pm               $122
Tijuana   Volaris  3.16pm NonStop  SJD  5.23pm                    $  90
Using the Tijuana Airport with Volaris Airlines is a safe walk from a secure area on the Border over to a secure area at Tijuana Airport.
Lyft from CBX  to SAN       up to 4                                   $50
April 13         Volaris 1.04 pm to Tijuana  3.09 pm                             $111
SAN  SW  5.40 pm – SMF 7.15pm                     $89
SAN  SW  7.00 pm – SMF 8.40pm                     $106 
SAN  Alaska 5.24 pm  -  NS SMF 7.10pm         $129 
April 14         Volaris 1.04 pm to Tijuana  3.09 pm                             $141
                        SAN  Alaska 5.24 pm  -  NS SMF 7.10pm         $189 
SAN  SW  5.10 pm – SMF 6.45pm                     $259
                        SAN  SW  7.45 pm – SMF 9.25pm                     $189 
April 13         SJD Volaris 3.45 pm -Guadalajara 2hr -SMF  10.21pm $218
April 14         SJD Volaris 3.45 pm -Guadalajara 2hr -SMF  11.55pm $218
April 13         SJD SW 3.25 pm – 3.05 pm Nonstop SMF 6.35 pm  $374
April 14         SJD SW 3.25 pm – 3.05 pm Nonstop SMF 6.35 pm    $396
April 14         SJD   American 12.48pm   PHX  2.25  SMF 6.40pm   $440
April 14         SJD   Delta 12.06 pm 2 hr 12 min  SMF  6:34pm       $629 
Flights checked on December 12, 2023