Greetings to all our fellow Rotarians:

We, Queen Chris and Queen Carolyn, are excited about our co-presidency for the 2022-2023 Rotary year!  We honor the rich traditions of club presidents and plan to shake things up with a few new activities, based on our most important goals.
At the leadership retreat with the Board and club officers on June 20, we agreed on these goals as important and urgent:
  • Increase and enliven our membership
  • Put on a lucrative fundraiser
  • Find an appealing location for club meetings with food service and make social meetings more fun & livelier.
Subsequent to our July 11 Board meeting, Carolyn and Chris will present our other club goals. We’ll discuss ways to use our club strengths to tackle current challenges, such as increasing membership.
We hope the Covid-19 pandemic is largely behind us.  So, the time is ripe and right to build on our strengths, enjoy our fellowship, and grow.  We hope you all agree!
We look forward to seeing all of you at our inaugural meeting on July 7 at 5:30 pm.