With warm summer days ahead we have a unique opportunity for Community Service. Our Community Services Director (Chief Dan Foss) has asked the Rotary Club of Nevada City to help at the Hot Summer Nights Event.
To sign up, please go to Nevada City Hot Summer Nights Signup and enter your name in one or more of the colored fields!
The dates/times are: Wednesday evenings, July 17, 24 and 31, 2024.  
Thank you in advance for being Rotarians in Action! Questions or want to signup the old fashioned way, contact Cathy (2cwb@sbcglobal.net or (530) 263-2496) and she’ll add you to the list.
Rotarians will go out in specially made safety vests, to mingle with the crowds and give information, if asked, on such things as where the bathrooms are, etc. They may be positioned at the main entrances/exits to the event. We will be serving as additional eyes/ears for the Police Department and report back to the PD any problems we may see arising. We will not be handling problems ourselves!
There will be a short 20-minute orientation for each shift and Rotarians are welcome to go back to City Hall to cool off and rest, as needed. Cathy Wilcox-Barnes will be circulating a signup sheet at the meetings leading up to the event(s). If you are interested, please make sure to sign up and, if you aren’t at a meeting and want the opportunity to serve, contact Cathy (2cwb@sbcglobal.net or (530) 263-2496) and she’ll add you to the list.