Celebrating Rotarians and Clubs

At the Area 4 Foundation Recognition Event, our Club Foundation Chair Lynda Guthrie recognized our most recent Paul Harris Fellow Awardees: Jim Bair (new), Nicole Dillard (+3), Dennis Geare (+4), Tom Milam (+3) and Chris Newsom (+5).
The program showcased selected international projects led by the Rotary Clubs of Nevada City and Grass Valley South. Lynda presented the inspiring story of our Menstrual Hygiene Kit Project. Carolyn presented the successful ongoing evolution of our partnership with Los Barriles Rotary and the East Cape Health Clinic since Spring 2015.
Cathy and Carolyn accepted banners recognizing our Club’s success with Polio Plus and EREY contributions in 2020-21 from DG Anita and 2022-23 from DG Jeff.


The event celebrated our collective local and global contributions through The Rotary Foundation. The event showcased not only those Rotarians that have contributed to the foundation but also some of the international projects our local clubs have worked on over the last few years, with funding from The Rotary Foundation.

Three Rotarians from two clubs talked about their international projects and attendees can see if they or some in their club might be interested.
Joanne Ashford from the Rotary Club of Grass Valley South presented Area-wide project led by GVS Rotary partnering with Operation Snow Leopard and EVAC. These international organizations help to facilitate the safe evacuation and resettlement of Afghans allies. Joanne explained how her club connected with the organizations and the steps they took to help fund their program.
Lynda Guthrie of the Rotary Club of Nevada City presented her club’s international project to provide Menstrual Hygiene Kits to indigenous girls in Chiapas Mexico.  
Carolyn Feuille, also of the Rotary club of Nevada City, discusse our partnership with the Rotary Club of Los Barilles Cabo Este. Since 2015, the Nevada City club has worked on projects with this club that is made up of Mexicans, American and Canadians. 
This casual afternoon featured appetizers and provided an opportunity to fellowship with clubs of Area 4, Western Nevada County.