Staying Connected - September 23 2021

Dear Rotarians and Friends,

Thursday September 23, 2021, 12:15pm via ZOOM

Kitkitdizzi ~ A Nevada City Jewel
with owners, Carrie Hawthorne & Kira Westly

Returning to Zoom at least through September 23
Same ZOOM link works - watch this space for further updates!!!

Nevada County at its best!

Nothing like .2” of rain overnight, AQI at 28 in the green/Good range for a change, Fortyniners (winning) and Nebraska (losing) football on my TV, Gayle’s glass pumpkins on display, and outdoor walks to feel like this is fall. This is Nevada County at its best—the reason why many of us moved here. Or have lived here almost forever. Or forever.

By the time you read this, though, everything may have changed. We still have a couple months of fire season to get past. Speaking of which, the board voted to make some changes to the Buckle Up scholarship that was founded many years ago by a then member of our club, with its funds residing in the NJUHSD Foundation. Most newer club members have not known about its existence, and many of us had not been following it. Recently, we approved a $1500 scholarship to be awarded next spring to a senior who wants to study Fire Technology—a good addition to our ongoing $3000 in 3 other annual scholarships.

And if it’s fall, it’s time to think about flu shots. Thanks to Susie, some of our members will again be helping with the drive-through Flu Clinic. Now if everyone in our county would just get the “other” vaccination. Don’t get me started. . . Meanwhile, we’ll continue to see each other on Zoom.

Kitkitdizzi A Nevada City Jewel with Carrie Hawthorne & Kira Westly

Carrie Hawthorne and Kira Westly are Nevada City natives and the proud owners of Kitkitdizzi on lower Broad Street. Join us this week as they share their story and the jewel that the Kitkitdizzi store is in the heart of downtown Nevada City.

"We became friends at the age 5 and have been partners ever since.  We have been blessed to inherit a super rad shop in an old drugstore on the main street in our lovely little town.  Now we watch our own kids playing out their childhood, running amongst the same old buildings, streets and trees we have known all of our lives. 

We are so fortunate to be surrounded by the most creative and talented friends and a natural landscape that sets us all free.  We have vowed to sell only what we love: salt of the earth, mountain-forest-loving, desert-escaping, vintage valuing, artisan-constructed excellence without snobby artifice – all with California gold rush swagger."

Carrie Hawthorne and Kira Westly ~ Kitkitdizzi, 231 Broad Street Nevada City

Nevada County Drive Through Flu Clinic - Tuesday October 5

Please let Susie Monary-Wilson know (or reply to this email) if you are available to volunteer on Tuesday October 5 all or part of 9am-5pm.  If you did not volunteer last year, you will need to register with CA Department of Healthcare Volunteers. If you registered last year, you do not need to re-register.  NC Health is requiring volunteers to be vaccinated.

Join the Rotary Plant-Rich Challenge October 1- 15, 2021

As we learned last week, Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group ESRAG has issued a 15-day Challenge to the Rotary community which begins October 1st.  We invite Club members, family and friends to sign up for this challenge at Join the fun with fellow Club members participating in the challenge. We will receive new recipes, cooking demonstrations along with insights from nutritionists and scientists on eating a diet that is healthy for you and our planet. Expect to make new discoveries!  For more information visit the Plant-Rich Diet Challenge.

Drive Clean with Rotary - Electrical Vehicle EV101 Webinars

Over 4,000 visitors to EV/Drive events over the past year have said they are considering or will be purchasing an electric vehicle in the near future.  Whether it is in your plan based on the national targets, state mandates or simply of real interest to you, join us for one of the webinars available in September and October.

Rotary Climate Action Team (RCAT) Network has partnered with DriveClean California, a national EV non-profit, to provide Rotarians and others with these one-hour seminars.  Each one will cover all aspects of buying and owning an EV, and will answer your questions about everything from comfort to speed to mileage to charging.

Pick a date and sign up now.

September 25 at 5PM Pacific time September 29 at 5PM Central time
October 23 at 5PM Pacific time October 27 at 5PM Central time

Your Dues and Happy/Sad Shares make a difference!

Check your email (maybe even your "junk" folder) in the coming week for your September invoices -- Treasurer John Wilson is doing his due diligence on our behalf once again. Your Happy/Sad shares give us glimpses of what is going on in your life beyond Rotary.  They are special moments together especially since so much of our time is on Zoom.  Your associated "bucks" provide a base for us to continue our special services to our community and beyond.  Thanks for sharing you and for following the Four Way Test with your Happy Buck pledges to our Club!

Stay connected and informed

Robin monitors our email. You can direct questions to that email or to your Club Presidents. 

CoP Dave (and Tom)

Photos Credits: - Jill Wellington,, ESRAG and

Upcoming Events - ZOOM, LIVE and/or HYBRID

Zoom through at least September 23, 2021

September 23 Lunch TBD - ZOOM: Carrie Hawthorne and Kira Westly, from Kitkitdizzi

September 30  5th Thursday Dark

October 5: 9:00 - 5:00 Nevada County Drive-Thru Flu Clinic - REGISTER NOW!!!
If you registered with the State last year, you should still be active. If this is your first time to volunteer, please register with DHV* to participate.  The County will administer regular flu shots, not the senior dose. We will distribute masks from Masked Warriors again this year!  Contact Susie Monary-Wilson.

* CA Disaster Health Care Volunteers (DHV).

October 7 Social HYBRID - TBD:  Co-presidents’ hosted Social Meeting

October 14 Lunch HYBRID - TBD: Jenn Singer:  Bright Futures For Youth

October 24 - World Polio Day

October 21 Social HYBRID - TBD: Chris LaCentra: GI Junk

October 28 Lunch HYBRID - TBD:- “Alumni Day” with the Membership Committee - may reschedule

November 4: Social HYBRID: DG Anita Daniels Governor Visit 5:30pm;
pre-meeting with 3:30pm Exec Committee and 4:00pm Board

April 20, 2022 Wednesday evening: Area 4 Foundation Dinner Hosted by John Baker & 49er Rotary

Special Dates


 Cathy Wilcox-Barnes 9/03   Carolyn Feuille and Bob 9/04
      Walt Stickel and Sandy 9/09
      Kim Stewart and Mike 9/10
      Nathan Leishman and Stephanie 9/27

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Treasurer: John Wilson
Public Image: Walt Stickel
Youth Service: Kim Stewart
Vocational Service: Gayle Denney

Club Service:  Cathy Wilcox-Barnes
Community Service: Susie Monary- Wilson
Environmental Sustainability: Chris Newsom
International Service: Carolyn Feuille
Foundation: Lynda Guthrie
Membership: Dennis Geare
Program Chairs: Chris Newsom & Nancy Kemp
Director-At-Large: PDG Doug McDonald

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Board Meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at 5:00pm at John Hensley's Recreation Realty/Nevada County Properties office at 432 Broad St. Nevada City. Our next meeing will be October 11 at 5:00pm virtual via Zoom.  We intend to do a Zoom link for anyone who can not participate in person.  Not a Board member but want to join us?  Contact Robin or reply to this Rotario for instructions.  All club members are encouraged to attend a meeting. Location subject to change, please ask.

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Thursday Meetings via Zoom until after September 24 - same schedule as Live/Hybrids

Thursday Meetings - at Litton Engineering, 3rd Floor, 200 Litton Drive, GV
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2nd & 4th Thursday for Lunch Meeting at 12:15pm

*The Board is still sorting through logistics and related food costs with our new venue.
Announcement about new plans will be made when we return to Hybrid meetings. — PO Box 74 — Nevada City, California 95959

Rotary Vision

TOGETHER, we see a world where PEOPLE unite and take action to CREATE lasting CHANGE across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves