Staying Connected April 14 2022

Dear Rotarians and Friends,

Thursday April 14, Lunch 12:15pm
Nevada County Sheriff and Coroner Shannan Moon
Litton Engineering
3rd Floor, 200 Litton Drive, Grass Valley ~ On: Google Map
NOTE:  We are returning to bring your own brown bags starting this week!
This meeting will be Hybrid!!

On my best behavior

Sheriff Shannon Moon’s upcoming visit to our club puts me in mind of my boyhood friend’s experience with “the law” in my little Nebraska town. My 12-year-old pal Bill—now with a successful career as a civil engineer heading up huge metropolitan tunnel projects—was then interested in “scientific” experiments. Like at our park where he poured gasoline into the water at the top of a little waterfall and lit it to see how that would look coming down over rock ledges and, in doing so, killed all the fish in the pond at the bottom.

The sheriff caught wind that the culprit might be Bill and gave Bill’s father a call. Together, they arranged Sheriff Louie’s arrival at Bill’s house while Bill was in the bathtub.  Into the bathroom came the sheriff in full regalia including weapons and with the cigar in his mouth that he never smoked but chewed and sat down on the lid of the toilet adjacent to the tub. He asked Bill for some information regarding the incident which Bill was in no position to deny, and thereby provided a lifelong lesson. As Bill and I shared some of these early scientific interests, I was really relieved not to be the one visited by the sheriff.

Area Rotary clubs recently honored local heroes, including representatives of law enforcement, and we look forward to hearing from Sheriff Moon about what is going on in our county. I aim to be on my best behavior.

COP Dave (Tom)

Welcome Sheriff Shannan Moon!

Sheriff Shannan Moon was sworn in as the first female Sheriff in Nevada County in January 2019 after serving in the Sheriff's office for 28 years.  Sheriff Moon has served under four different sheriffs as a Correctional Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain before as our Sheriff.

A 1986 Nevada Union High School graduate, Sheriff Moon started working for the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office in 1990. She was the first woman promoted to the ranks of sergeant, lieutenant, and captain in the history of the agency dating back to 1851.

Her father was a Nevada County deputy and Nevada City chief who instilled in her a strong work ethic.

Next Week Area 4 Foundation Dinner

Next week's Club meeting is moved to our Area 4 Foundation Dinner at Miners Foundry Cultural Center.  District Service and Global Grants Chair Ramona Delmas will be our keynote speaker.  No-host cocktails at 5:30pm, dinner at 6:15pm.  Contact Lynda Guthrie with questions or to register.  Please note due to the need to confirm caterer headcounts, all reservations will be billed.

Thursday 12:15pm April 28 ZOOM Only with Evani!

Join us for an update and personal dialogue with Evani. As a Rotary International Global Peace Scholar, Evani Radiya-Dixit is conducting research on policymaking for facial recognition technology. Advised by Professor Gina Neff, Evani is a Visiting Researcher at Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy, at the University of Cambridge. Evani completed her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford University. Previously, she worked on machine learning projects at Nvidia and Google. Her research work has been published at the International Conference on Machine Learning, the Stanford Public Interest Technology Lab, and the think tank New America. With her interest in public service, Evani recently worked at the U.S. federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and served as a data privacy strategist for a California City Council. She also served as a Teaching Assistant for Computer Science courses and taught in Bogotá through Stanford CS Bridge. The Rotary Club of Cambridge Sawston is her in country host Club.

Evani's research on policymaking for facial recognition technology will provide a stronger framework for accountability of current and emerging applications of facial recognition technology. Related questions Evani is raising: What new norms and values do we imagine for ourselves? Can we imagine how technology, police, the state, etc. might play a different role in our lives? Imagination and reality go hand in hand. To quote Derrick Bell, “To see things as they really are, you must imagine what they might be.”

Count Down to Conference! 

Congrats to our Area 4 Speech Contest Winner Adrianna Drageset!  She advances to District Conference where she will compete on Saturday morning at our District wide Speech Contest in the Showroom at Harrah's South Lake Tahoe! 

Sign up for District Conference and let’s have a party in South Lake Tahoe.  

Harrah's Lake Tahoe Hotel discounts only AVAILABLE THROUGH MARCH 29!

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Recycling bins around town

In one month with fulfilled our 6-month goal of 500lbs.  We collected 503 lbs in March! Bingo on 2,000lbs = 1 ton this week!

Check out Briar Patch Food Co-op's latest edition of The Vine for a fun story and photos of our Plastics Recycling at the Patch! Flip to pages 24-25 for the article.

Add your clean stretchable plastics to other bins around town - Briar Patch, B&C, the Library, Restore, Peace Lutheran, Nevada City and Wolf Creek/Grass Valley CoHousing.  And we are adding Wild Birds Unlimited!

Read more on what can and cannot be collected at Nevada City Rotary TREX Recycling Program.

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CoP Tom (and Dave)

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Upcoming Events - ZOOM, LIVE and/or HYBRID

April 14 Lunch Hybrid 12:15pm Shannan Moon - Nevada County Sheriff

April 21 Thursday evening IN PERSON Area 4 Foundation Dinner Hosted by 49er Breakfast Rotary
5:30 No-host cocktails, 6:15pm dinner at Miners Foundry Cultural Center

April 24 Sunday 1:00pm  Allan Rogers Memoriam and Ice Cream Social at Odd Fellows Hall; Note all services will now be at Odd Fellows Hall and not the cemetery.

April 28: Lunch ZOOM ONLY 12:15pm Evani Radiya-Dixit - Global Scholar

June 16: Demotion Party IN PERSON at Chris and Bill Newsom's Home

May 26: -Lunch 12:15 - April Shirley - Interim Health  Care

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