Staying connected - 3-28-2020

Dear Rotarians and Friends,

We are delighted to be hearing from our Nevada City Rotary expanded community!  Please do keep in touch... simply REPLY to this Rotario email.


Feeling closed up and ready to reconnect?  We invite you to join us on Thursday April 2 at 5:30pm for our first "virtual" gathering as a Club!  Our program? You and a fun time doing short checkins! 

Because of serious Zoom hackings, instructions will be sent privately.

We will remind you again next week, but for now put us on your Social Calendar!!!

New to Zoom?  Check out this video on how to sign in.

We also encourage you to sign up for a FREE Zoom account at and connect with friends, family and fellow Rotarians to practice. It is easy and fun.  FREE Accounts allow you to chat with as many as 100 people for up to 40 minutes.

Your Board is meeting on Zoom Monday March 30 so a group of us will be experienced!

What we are hearing from you:

John Hensley:  We are doing ok. We got snowed in so never left for Baja. Love to all, Juan & Sandra 

Chris Newsom:  Bill and I are still doing ok physically, although I’m starting to go a little bonkers staying inside the whole time.  We are trying to take a walk each day, but the weather is making that a little hard.  Of course, I know we shouldn’t complain, with so many people in so much real distress.  I can’t imagine what it must be like to live in places like northern Italy, or NYC right now.

Thanks for your offer of supplies, Cathy.  It’s hard to turn down your cookies, but I’ll leave them for a time when it’s safe for us to get together!  In the meantime, I’ll look forward to our online meeting.

I have a couple of things to brighten up your day, in case you are running out of things to do……This is from my sister Becky:

Paul Boch: Hi Sonja and I are doing fine. Almost done with all the little work we have been putting off doing. We have had zoom happy hour chats with our kids and my sister in North Carolina and in Halifax.

We could could have a short zoom rotary meeting sometime. Not too hard to set up.

Carla Burke:  Keeping active with her mortgage business and taking walks with Cathy.

Lynda Guthrie:  Hi All, I'm so happy to have moved to Grass Valley and am living at Wolf Creek Lodge.  Co-Housing is especially wonderful under these circumstances.  And, being located on the edge of the new Wolf Creek Trail, we have a beautiful walk close to home where walkers honor social distancing.  Fortunately, my big 80th birthday celebration was the weekend before the Stay at home orders were mandated so we went ahead with the plans to gather in Temecula although serious consideration was given to cancelling.  The big event was Saturday evening the 14th with all my siblings, children, grandkids (minus one granddaughter), a prospective granddaughter-in-law, an actual granddaughter-in-law, and two great grand children.  I've attached a photo of all the grands in attendance.  The little guy"s Father is on the left of the back row.  Since returning from SoCal, I've been self isolating except for long walks, often with a neighbor or my sister while practicing social distancing, completing a 500 piece jig saw puzzle of Mt Rainier, trying to exercise at home, slowly completing a long list of at home projects, staying in touch with old friends, and Zooming a lot with WCL members.  It's certainly a time for reflection....

Love to all of you and hope we'll be meeting again soon! Lynda's family:

Gayle and Dave Denney: Hello Rotary Friends—We will be returning on 4/1. Our north end of Kauai is pretty much a ghost town, now that tourists have gone home, in general. Everything closed down except for the grocery store, hardware store and PO. “Kapunas”—that’s us older folks—can shop between 6 and 7 a.m., unencumbered by anyone younger than 60.  (What makes anyone think that WE want to be up that early?) We’re enjoying drives and walks and reading and streaming Netflix and Amazon. And occasionally still seeing some whales. Oh, and of course video chatting with our son and family, including the very viewable baby Sybil. Thank heavens too for Zoom through which I’ve had a couple of long chats. Thought I was pretty tech-savvy to be able to host it, but then a friend said her 5-year-old grandson and his little friends are Zooming with their friends on their parents’ phone.  So that puts me at kindergarten level. . .? Stay well!

Kim Stewart: Dear Prez, Have you experienced a ZOOM Cocktail party yet? Super fun.

Zoom is free for everyone. The organizer (NCRotary) can upgrade for $14 mo. to include a large party and extended time (more than 40 mins). You send an invite to everyone via email.

Ask everyone to prop their laptop, smartphone, tablet somewhere in their room to get a wide view of themselves, sitting on the couch or chair with their cocktail, cup o tea, etc. Everyone joins in (or a few) and then you socialize. We can test is between us. Fun!

Maybe we do one or two of these to stay connected... To feel the love.

Nancy Kemp:  Hi Prez, You are doing such an excellent job keeping us in the loop and giving us encouraging words in this challenging time!  Thank you.  I think you developed your superb writing talents while in your ‘secret room’, giving yourself distance from your step-mother.  Thank you so much for sharing that with me.

We were slammed quite hard with the snow  - no power, wifi, phone and even cell phone out intermittently.  Had to get gas for the generator which we couldn’t really run continually.  The first time we went out to get gas was shortly after we had the shelter in place requirements and especially for ‘seniors’.  Steve was worried we were going to get arrested at the gas station.

Here is a good Rotary story:  we had gone to SPD to get supplies, specifically Orzo pasta.  We were making a vegetable pasta salad for dinner.  The pasta shelves were completely bare, except miraculously one box of Orzo pasta – seriously the only box on the shelves. 

Once home we got out the ingredients needed for the salad and unfortunately needed lemons for a dressing – and I had failed to add those to our shopping list.  There wasn’t really a good substitution for lemon juice and but that point we were pretty far along in the recipe.  I took everything out of the  crisper drawers in my refrigerator and,  in another miracle,  found two Meyer lemons that I had taken home after Paul Boch had brought lemons and oranges to a recent Rotary meeting. 

I needed 1/3 cup lemon juice and after juicing Paul’s lemons I had ½ cup!   We made the salad and it was wonderful.  We toasted Paul and Sonia at dinner that night.  IS IT BENEFICIAL TO ALL CONCERNED…YES ABSOLUTELY!!!!

Thanks again, Cathy, you’re the best!

John and Susie: Hello All-thanks for checking in on us, Kathy-we're doing well. We have started a 550 piece jigsaw puzzle of historic Grass Valley and that should keep us busy for a while. We're also working our way through our book "1001 Cocktails" so that should keep us mellow, and we just finished a Zoom Pilates class with our instructor so that is keeping us limber.  I think we have all the bases covered! We miss seeing you all.

Robin: Sweet little Coco (16 year old ragdoll feline) is fat and happy because she is getting lots of attention round the clock. In fact, sitting between Robin and her monitors when she creates Rotarios for Cathy!  She sends her meows and loving attitude!  If we aren't nearby when she wants us, she certainly knows how to let us know!  She is demanding to be submitted to The Union as Most Spoiled Pet! She's the other woman in my life -- I certainly know where I rank in our household and it's way below her! (And PE Tom will remind us that I picked her out from all the rest!!)

Curbside and Home Delivery Shopping

A quick reminder to all, you can get groceries from SPD delivered to their door by Able Carts. Tyler and Kevin presented to our Club last year. Tyler confirms he and their team are staying in business while also keeping their more vulnerable staff safe and out of the public. A great way to support them would be to partner with neighbors and other nearby Rotarians when placing orders and deliveries. Tyler's phone number is 530-277-5964 and their email address is . earn more online at

The Union has an article entitled Special delivery: Area businesses providing pick-up, take-out, delivery service

And don't forget The Ham Stand.  According to Facebook: Free roll of TP with every 20 dollar purchase at the ham stand. Don’t forget to support local in these trying times!!!

President Cathy: I got a sandwich from The Ham Stand the other day. Other than Jason being out of tomatoes it was YUMMY and I got a free roll of TP even though I didn't need it. So if anyone needs a roll of TP, let me know. Promise to put a donation in Polio or Happy Bucks when we get back together and I'll even deliver it to your doorstep (anything to get out of the house for a little bit).

Stay connected and informed

Robin monitors our email. You can direct questions to that email or to me.  As we learn more and to stay in touch, we will send out regular or more frequent Rotarios. Follow Nevada County updates through The County published a helpful Shelter in Place FAQs by the County of Nevada

Thank you all again for your hard work and dedication to our Nevada City Rotary Club. Be patient and be safe.

Your President,

Cathy W-B

Upcoming Events - Postponed, Canceled and Planned:

March 26: Lunch DARK Through at least April 1

To be rescheduled: 

  • Bob Murley-  ”The Apollo Moon Project: Things You Probably Don’t Know”
  • Lynda Guthrie: Craft Talk

April 24-26:  RALLYE - District 5190 CANCELED

To Be Determined:

April 2: Social Christina Giffin, Nevada Co. Sup. of Schools Office  “Career Pathways Partners”

April 9- Lunch- Bob Branston, Citizens Climate Lobby:  “An Optimist’s Guide to Climate Change”

April 16: Social: Nancy Kemp:  Update on Girls Who Code

April 23- Lunch Debbie Thomas - A Peace Corps Volunteer’s Experience in Albania

May 7:  FUN Social

March 14: Lunch

May 21 Social: Randy Arnold, The Barefoot Spirit - with goodie bags!

June 18: Cathy's Demotion Dinner

July 17: The Children's Festival, 9am - noon and 5pm - 8pm Pioneer Park, Nevada City

July 19 : Hungry Games, Miners Foundry - NEW DATE

August 20: (Lunch/Social TBD)  DG Roberta Pickett Visit


Club Leadership


Special Dates


Dennis Geare 3/4  David Fluke and Carol 3/18
Carolyn Feuille 3/6   Chris Newsom and Bill 3/18
Allan Rogers 3/7  Stacy Robinson and Dave 3/20
John Woodford 3/7    
Greg Geare 3/10    
Lynda Guthrie 3/16    
John Wilson 3/21  
President: Cathy Wilcox-Barnes
President-Elect: Tom Milam
Past President: Tom Ryan
Secretary: Robin Milam
Treasurer: Carla Burke
Public Image: Michael Young & Robin Milam
Youth Service: John Wilson & Nathan Leishman
Community Service: Carolyn Inglis & Tom Milam

Club Social:  Judy Soldavini
Sergeant at Arms: Walt Stickel
International Service: Carolyn Feuille
Vocational Service: Nicole Dillard
Foundation: Christine Newsom
Membership: Stacy Robinson & Tom Ryan
Program Chairs: Christine Newsom
& Nancy Kemp
At Large: Dennis Geare

If you have a whine, write it on the back of a 20 dollar bill and give it to your president.
If you have an idea for a club program please contact Nancy Kemp or Christine Newsom.

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