Staying Connected - 3-24-20

Dear Rotarians and Friends,

We are delighted to be hearing from our Nevada City Rotary expanded community!  Please do keep in touch... simply REPLY to this Rotario email.

AbleCarts correction

John and Susie Monary Wilson placed an order with Able Carts this morning.  Tyler corrected the email I had given.  The correct email address for Able Carts is

Ron and Nancy Knaus: At Ron’s suggestion and insistence I called AbleCarts today to order some groceries.  You know me/us, we didn’t at first  have their email or website written down correctly, and a few other glitches, but then did some research by the Computer Dummie.. and  then I got rolling...sent them an email note of inquiry for procedures, etc. Then sent them my shopping list on email, and they responded to me what the cost of my order would be, etc. I gave them my credit card #,, etc. next thing I know they phoned to say they were on their way, and before I knew it here they were!  Actually pretty smooth. And now that I know the logistics, next time should be even smoother! 

Curbside and Home Delivery Shopping

A quick reminder to all, you can get groceries from SPD delivered to their door by Able Carts. Tyler and Kevin presented to our Club last year. Tyler confirms he and their team are staying in business while also keeping their more vulnerable staff safe and out of the public. A great way to support them would be to partner with neighbors and other nearby Rotarians when placing orders and deliveries. Tyler's phone number is 530-277-5964 and their preferred email address is earn more online at

The Union has an article entitled Special delivery: Area businesses providing pick-up, take-out, delivery service

And don't forget The Ham Stand. (530) 212-3784   According to Facebook: Free roll of TP with every 20 dollar purchase at the ham stand. Don’t forget to support local in these trying times!!!

Virtual Field Trips - The Amazon and Beyond!

John Wilson also adds: You can go onto the YouTube website and type in Virtual Field Trips and you will be able to take virtual field trips to many countries or parts of the U.S. There is even a virtual field trip to Washington D.C. I have included a link below to a virtual trip to the Amazon. These are great fun. Enjoy your trip!

More from you ...

Nathan Leishman: Stephanie and I are healthy and well supplied. I am still going to work during the day while Stephanie continues to work from home. We are trying our best to put in practice the things that the CDC has asked us to do. 

We are so fortunate to have friends like you who are checking in on us. Thank you so much for all that you do for the club and its members!  Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help.

Nancy & Ron Knaus: Oh, of interest, we had two Rx at CVS waiting for us, so this morning I trundled down there.  I am almost sure that I was the only person in CVS with a mask on (other than the pharmacist).  Their counters were all behind plastic drape  however. 

Summary, All is doing OK here today…at least the snow has totally melted off the driveway and the front yard looks “normal” whatever that is??

It has been fun to read everyone’s emails of what has been going on even in isolation!  Continuing to share notes and updates… 

Let's Celebrate!

Also our Special Dates somehow got dropped!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to all our March Celebrants:

Dennis, Carolyn Feuille, Allan, John Woodford, Greg Geare, Lynda Guthrie and John Wilson have all celebrated birthdays.  David Fluke and Carol, Chris Newsom and Bill, and our newly weds Stacy and Dave Robinson are March brides and grooms. Happy MANY MORE to ALL!

Nevada County Alerts

If you did not get a warning yesterday that the CodeRed Alert was happening today, you can opt in to be notified of a variety of additional county alerts at

Alert Center allows you to view all alerts and emergencies in your area. If there are alerts or emergencies, they will be listed by category. To be instantly notified of alerts and emergencies subscribe to Notify Me® or RSS.  When you click Notify Me you will see a long list of options to select as you like. 

If you did not get the CodeRed Alert, sign up at CODERed Alert. CodeRed Alerts are important during fire season!

Wondering why the Stay Home directive?  This is a very informative article with explicit charts that make the point of why what may feel extreme:

Enjoy and be well!

Your President,

Cathy W-B

Special Dates


Dennis Geare 3/4  David Fluke and Carol 3/18
Carolyn Feuille 3/6   Chris Newsom and Bill 3/18
Allan Rogers 3/7  Stacy Robinson and Dave 3/20
John Woodford 3/7    
Greg Geare 3/10    
Lynda Guthrie 3/16    
John Wilson 3/21