Special News Update - The Fair Booth

The new booth windows are painted and installed.  Tom primed and then painted the outside panels blue to match the building.  For the inside, he painted multiple coats of a grey primer rather than painting them the dark blue.  It felt like it would really dark inside. The original windows were not painted on the inside at all.  He also painted the little back window panel with multiple coats of the grey primer. It had never been painted either.  We left a partial can of primer and a partial can of blue in the kitchen for future use.

While Tom finished painting and we waited for the paint to dry this afternoon, I started cleaning the booth.   Much to my chagrin and my stomach's dismay, I opened the refrigerators...Yes Jim, someone clearly had been living in there.  Unfortunately they left 4 big block packages of Velveeta cheese on the counter and in the refrigerator.  Plus two plates of who knows what it was originally in the frig.  The cheese was very moldy ... the two paper plates were a frothy white, black and green somewhat psychedelic looking growth.  It looks like the food was abandoned months ago.  I scrubbed both refrigerators with Clorox cleanser.  We will want to do that again before the Fair.  I swept most of the larger dirt out but with all the dust and pollen it is far from "clean".  

Why do we think someone other than Rotarians left the food?  The Velveeta brand was a dead giveaway for Tom and me -- we cannot imagine Austin Farrar would have allowed any of us to purchase Velveeta as part of our menu!