Rotario ~ Treasures For Scholars - wrap up

Treasures for Scholars, Bargains for You Sale
Saturday June 15, 2015
Alpha Building - 210 Broad St, NC


A big thank you to everyone including our Club and community who made the success of Saturday’s Treasures for Scholars sale possible. Our Club came out in a big way to support the sale! Diehards in the effort were Walt Stickel who came up with the idea and was involved in planning all the way. He opened the doors both days before anyone else arrived and was the last to leave on Saturday. He also gets accolades for the biggest spread and highest income! Thanks to Gayle Denney a team member from start to finish. She and Dave added a touch of class with the most polished table. Gayle wrote articles for, The Union, including placement in their garage sale map, and other news sources. Thanks to Stacy Butler for advertising support in The Advocate and Glen Foley our voice on KVMR. Dennis Geare and Robin Milam called into KNCO's Swap Shop and on Friday, Robin posted to local Rotary and Chambers' Facebook pages. Thank you Bob Buhlis for coordinating availability of the site and tables for us. And to Ellen Davis for being head banker both days. Walt, Gayle, Nicole Dillard, Ellen, Laura van den Berg, Dennis and Robin steered the planning along the way.

Big thanks to our Setup and Sales teams: Bob and Janis Aydelott, Ben Barretta, Bob Buhlis, Ellen Davis, Dave and Gayle Denney, Glen Foley, Dennis Geare, Gary Gustafson, John Hensley, Ron and Nancy Knaus, Robin and Tom Milam, Jim Phillips, Walt Stickel, Karen and Michael Young, and Judy Soldavini. Nicole Dillard provided guidance for our baseline pricing during setup on Friday. Gil Dominguez helped with setup on Friday. Laura van den Berg provided our children’s toy section as she traveled through Holland. We missed Sandy Stickel. Only a newly broken foot kept her from being with Walt both days.

We started with a bang on Friday - selling $191 worth of items during setup including Ben Barretta's much loved, double-layered diving wet suit and abalone float to a local Yuba River gold miner. On Saturday, Bob Buhlis donated supplies and peddled freshly popped popcorn to lure in more customers (and feed Gary's dog Bodhi). John Hensley's custom Baja t-shirts were a big seller and price performer. We sold at least 1 dozen at $10 each.

In the end, Gary Gustafson and sweet Bodhi pulled away with his camper truck and trailer filled with leftovers headed to Hospice Thrift Store and electronics to Rod's Computer Service. Then Walt handed over the garbage to Glen Foley and departed with his own garbage can.

Very special thanks go to Gary Tintle and BT Alpha LLC for the generous use of the Alpha Building for both Friday and Saturday. Also to the Nevada City Chamber for free use of tables and chairs and to NC Mayor and NC Classic Bike Race organizer Duane Strawser who arranged for delivery of the tables. Because Sunday's bike race was also using the tables, we did not need to haul tables around town! A warm thank you to members of our community who saw our request for donations on Facebook and showed up on Friday with armloads of donated items. Other friends and neighbors donated through individual Rotarians.

Financially, we brought in over $1,000 - less than our most optimistic goal but we had a great couple of days together as a Club and excellent general participation. A warm thank you to all for your partnership as fellow Rotarians!


p.s. Robin has 2 pair of sunglasses that got left behind! Contact her if one is yours!