Rotario ~ Treasures for Scholars

Saturday  June 15, 2015

Alpha Building - 210 Broad St, NC

Sale from 8:30am - 2:00pm ─ Tear down from 2:00-4:00pm

Nevada City Farmers Market is from 8:30am - 12:00pm - FIRST DAY!

Nevada City Rotary’s Treasures for Scholars, Bargains for You Sale on Saturday June 15, 2015 is fast approaching. The Sale is  from 8:30am - 2:00pm in the Alpha Building at 210 Broad St, NC.  Set up will be Friday June 14.

Our sale coincides with FIRST DAY of the Nevada City Farmers Market.  We are including guidelines and suggestions to help you plan for your donations and participation in the event. Our intention is to raise much needed funds to support our scholarships and youth programs.

Nevada City Rotary ─  Guidelines and Suggestions

Donation ideas:

  • Books, CDs, DVD, and bags
  • Excess office and home supplies
  • Small appliances, tools, and household items
  • Working electronics
  • Toys and baby stuff
  • Sporting goods
  • Jewelry and accessories 
  • Furniture in good repair 
  • Freshly washed clothing and clean polished shoes
  • "Estate Sale" items
  • Freshly washed bath, bedding, and linens
  1. Items should be in good working order,  ready to be recycled for reuse or treasured as new.
  2. Consider inviting a Rotarian from another club to donate to your table and even assist with sales on the day of! Asking friends, neighbors, and Rotarians to contribute is a great way to engage our greater community!
  3. We are happy to accept donations of cash, gift cards, and gift certificates!

Friday June 14 - Setup

  1. All items are to be delivered to the Alpha Building for setup on Friday June 14.  Watch for schedule to be published.
  2. Please let Robin know if you have clothing racks and tables we can use to display items!

Saturday June 15 - On th day of please arrive by 8:00am

  1. Each Nevada City Rotarian is expected to host a 6' table  of donated items.  We recommend that you pair up with a fellow Rotarian and together host 2 tables.
  2. Each table pair is responsible for handling sales of items from your tables.  That includes pricing in advance and collecting money day of sale.  We will have a process for a single point of sale checkout for those who purchase from multiple tables or by credit card.
  3. If you are not available for the event, please arrange for another Rotarian to cover your table.  If you choose not to participate in any way, your fine will be $50.
  4. We encourage you to wear a Rotarian shirt or apron and a money belt or bag.  Bring change!
  5. You are responsible for your unsold items at the end of the day!


All merchandise should be items your fellow Rotarians will be proud to offer our community.  Questions?  Contact Robin at PH: 530 272-4322 or