Rotario For March 28, 2013

RI President:  Sakuji Tanaka District 5190 Governor:  Sam Wilbanks

Club Board of Directors

President: Staff
President-Elect: Dennis Geare
Past President: Carolyn Inglis
Secretary: Bob Buhlis
Treasurer: Ellen Davis
Director at Large: John Hensley
Club Service: Robin Milam.
Community Service: Gary Gustafson
International Service: Nancy Kemp
Vocational Service: Jim Phillips
Foundation: Bob Buhlis
Membership: Carolyn Inglis


Today's Program
Jeannie Wood and others discuss the
Community Asian Theater of the Sierra (CATS)

Quote for the Day: 
"Love is the willingness to create space in which something is allowed to change."
Harry Palmer

Notes From Last Meeting
Always the professional, always organized: pP Nancy Kemp! It was Nancy's turn to lead our meeting last week and guess what? She didn't loose the bell! Nancy shared with us that her sponsor was Harvey Deimer and Kim Stewart was president for her 2004 induction. One story she told was that at her first meeting as a guest she was standing in the food line and witnessed pP John Hensley playing with Jack Dinwiddie's hair. What was up with that? Anyway, Nancy concluded that Rotary wasn't a stuffy Old Man's club as she had imagined, but filled with all kinds of fun people. She was hooked from that day on, became the auction data entry person forever, chairman of just about every event, and became president in 2007. Her stories were plentiful including the one about Japanese food and mayonnaise (ask her about that one!). Keep on truckin' Nancy, you are appreciated!

Last week's meeting started off with the induction of two new members: Janis Aydelott and former 49er member Gil Dominguez conducted by PE Dennis Geare. Janis, wife of member Bob Aydelott, was sponsored by pP Ellen Davis. Her classification is Job Coach/Career Councilor. Gil's classification is Television Production and was sponsored by Kim Stewart. Their Craft Talks will be scheduled soon so that we can get to know them a little bit better. Congratulations to these two newest members of RI and the Nevada City Club!

Another highlight of the program was the presentation of the 2012 Vocational Award to Austin Farrar by Vocational Chair Jim Phillips. Done by phone since he is in Virginia caring for his mother, Austin was acknowledged for using his skills as a caterer to the benefit of Rotary and more specifically the Nevada City Club. His talents have been apparent at fund raising and social events including auctions, off site lunch meetings, demotions, Foundation Dinners and Rotary at Work Days. Congratulation, Austin, as you join a host of other distinguished recipients of the Vocational Award by demonstrating service above self through your classification to benefit Rotary.

Guests this week were Linda, wife of new member Gil Dominguez, and Marianne Cartan, member of the the Rotary Club of Grass Valley. PE Dennis won the raffle, but not the card match.

PE Dennis shared that he spent his birthday recuperating from PETS although he did go to work, attending a Rotary board meeting and celebrating with a turkey sandwich. Let's party next year, Dennis!

Paul Boch is back from traveling to New Zealand and Fiji. From the way he spoke, sounds like next time he goes down under he may only buy one way tickets. Welcome home Paul.

In other announcements, pP Nancy Kemp and Gary Gustafson interviewed RYLA applicants and were impressed by the talents of these young people. Students selected will be announced soon and invited to share their experiences at a club meeting. A report will be given today on the Noel Carter Trail hike held on the 23rd. Participants "took a hike" to determine where the dedication ceremony scheduled for May 11 should take place and how it should be conducted. Other items announced are listed below for members to take note.

This Friday our club joins with the PV club at Off Broadstreet in NC for a performance of "Journey to the West". Everyone is welcome.

Foundation Giving
Bring in that jar of spare change and contribute it to the Foundation.

If you have a camera and can snap a few photos at a club meeting or event please email them to for inclusion into the Rotario or Club website. Much appreciated.

Adventures and Wine Auction is on September 27th. Do you know where your donation forms are?

All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.


○ Dan Becker - 3/25
○ Walt Stickel - 4/1
○ Glen Foley - 4/10
○ John Hensley - 4/11
○ Laura van den Berg - 4/15

○ Dave and Carol Fluke - 3/18


Club Calendar      
○ March 29 Performance at Off Broadstreet  "Journey to the West" (fellowship with PV club)
○ April 8 Board Meeting
○ April 3 Rotary Area 4 Speech Contest - Wednesday
○ April 4 Dark for Speech Contest
○ April 11 Luuk van den Berg, XOXOXO’s for 10101010’s
○ April 18 Surprise Speaker-It’s magic!
○ April 20 District Assembly, Atlantis in Reno
○ April 25 LeGacy, Sue Legate
○ April 27 Rotarians at Work - Area 4 at the Fairgrounds
○ May 2 Dark for Rotarians at Work (4/27)
○ May 13 Board Meeting
○ May 9 North Star House, Peggy Levine
○ May 10-14 GSE Team from India visiting Area 4
○ May 16 TBA
○ May 17-19 District 5190 Conference
○ May 23 GSE visitation
○ May 30 TBA
○ June 6 NC Classic Bike Race
○ June 13 TBA
○ June 20 Portuguese Party, celebrating incoming RI President
○ September 27 Club auction "Adventures and Wine" at Miners Foundry

The club calendar is created by Kim Stewart. If you have an interesting program in mind she would love to hear from you about it.

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*Board Meetings are usually held on the 2nd Monday of the month at 5:30pm at The National Hotel.

Rotary Club of Nevada City — Established October 3, 1935
Meets every Thursday at 12:15pm at the National Hotel — PO Box 74 — Nevada City, California 95959

Mission Statement: The Nevada City Rotary Club is the service club people want to join because it's a diverse and welcoming group of people who live Service Above Self by giving financial and hands-on support to our local, national & international communities, exemplifying ethical leadership, and getting things done while having good, clean fun.