Rotario --June 15, 2016

Dear Rotarians and Friends,    

OUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS ARE WITH THE VICTIMS OF THE ORLANDO SHOOTINGS. It was a painful tragedy tearing threads in several strands of our social fabric. We pray that families and communities are able to heal and are able to experience in their lives the Fourth Object of Rotary, the "advancement of understanding, goodwill, and peace."

JUNE 16: THE STATE OF THE NEVADA COUNTY COURT SYSTEM, with Judge Tom Anderson and Presiding Judge Scott Thomsen. How is the court system organized? Who gets which cases? What types of cases most frequently come before the judges? What is the impact of marijuana politics on the court system? These are a few of our questions for the county's top court officials. 

JUNE 23: SUPERVISOR NATE BEESON, who is completing his service on the Nevada County Board of Supervisors, will reflect on the Ins and Outs, Highs and Lows, Ups and Downs of serving as a county supervisor. During 30 years as a naval officer, Beeson captained three ships, and led Operation Restore Hope in Somalia in 1993. Captain Beeson has serrved as a Nevada County supervisor for 12 years, collecting many perspectives on the Ins and Outs, as well as the Lows and Highs of county government. 

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29, 6 PM: PRESIDENT DAVE'S DEMOTION at Judy Soldavini's Bridge House on North Bloomfield Rd. Information is in last week's special edition of the Rotario; sign up with Robin Milam or Cathy Wilcox-Barnes. It will be a happy time for all, and there will be a gift for you!


VIRTUAL REALITY AND AUGMENTED REALITY EXPLAINED! Shavati Karki-Pearl, the Director, explained how VR/AR works, and how the Nevada County Economic Resource Council chose VR/AR as the focus for economic development in the county and creating its home, the Green Screen Institute. Key factors include the fact that jobs are opening exponentially in the field, plus venture funding was available. The uses of VR/AR are quickly expanding from gaming and entertainment to having a valuable role in education, real estate, health care, and even court cases. Shavati has the privelege of connecting high schools, adult school, and colleges to the work of the Green Screen Institute, and helping lay the educational foundation for VR/AR develpment. 

A PRODUCTIVE ALL-MEMBER MEETING WAS HELD LAST SATURDAY. There will be some new approaches at club metings starting next month, and several opportunities for participating and helping with club functions. A thorough report on the day is posted in the Member section of the website, under "Our Club," then "Board Actions," then its the first item. 

OPPORTUNITIES FOR SERVICE through the Rotary Club of Nevada City

Sign up to work at the Fair Booth this summer! Current slots available can be seen on the schedule on the club's website, go to >Our Club >Fund Raisers >Event Schedule. Sign up with Walt Stickel. 

Staff a booth at the Children's Festival, July 15 in Pioneer Park. Contact Sandy Stickel or Nancy Kemp to inquire where help is needed.

Assist/feed the summer Kids Who Code intensive July 18-22. One of the students in this year's Girls Who Code club wants to offer introductory coding to other students, including boys, for one week this summer. They will get hungry, and we'd like to offer snacks and lunch. See Dave Bunje to connect.


EMIN FROM KAZAKHSTAN BUILDS ON HIS U.S. EXPERIENCE. Emin Askerov has a workshop in which he employs people with disabilities in the making of wicker furniture and bowls. In Asia this is called Social Entrepreneurship. He has become an effective communicator for this outreach so teh United Nations organized three trainings in three differnet cities so he could pass on his knowledge to other prospective entrepreneurs. That's him teaching at left. Emin writes, "In my presentation I tell them about my experince in the US through the Rotary Club of Nevada City." Yeah team!

LETTER FROM BITNEY COLLEGE PREP HIGH SCHOOL, May 23, 2016: "Thank you for your incredibly generous donation to support the upgrades to our computer lab at Bitney. We have been able to purchase 24 iMac computers, and will also be able to upgrade the lab space itself with new carpet, ergonomic chairs, and desperatley needed air conditioning. Our students and Girls Who Code Club have already been enjoying the new computers. When the new school year starts agian in the fall, we'd like to invite you to cnoe and see the new and improved computer lab, and to thank you in person. We'll let you know the date and time in August. Contributions like yours truly make a differnce as we strive to imbue our students with a love of learning, a profound curiosity, an uninhibited sense of questioning and examination, and a powerful sense of direction! Thank you!"

WORDS OF WISDOM: "It doesn't take any brains at all to tear something down. What this world needs is someone who will build it up."     --Bernard Bunje

-- President Dave



Ken Ching                             6/3

Ron Knaus                            6/9

Nicole Dillard                      6/13

Michael Young                    6/17

Robin Milam                       6/29

Gayle & Dave Denney                                 6/12

Nancy & Ron Knaus                                    6/20

Michael & Karen Young                             6/21

Judy Soldavini & George Roberts           6/24


Rotary Leadership

RI President: Ravi Ravindran
RI Director: Brad Howard
District 5190 Governor: Gail Ellingwood
Asst. Governor, Area 4: Dennis Geare

Club Leadership

President: Dave Bunje
President-Elect: Walt Stickel

Secretary: Walt Stickel
Treasurer: Cathy Wilcox-Barnes
Public Relations: Robin Milam
Community Service: Robin Milam

Club Service: Pearce Boyer III
International Service: Carolyn Feuille
Vocational Service: Nicole Dillard
Foundation: Nicole Dillard
Youth Services: Carolyn Inglis



June 16 Judges Tom Anderson aqdn Scott Thomsen, 'The State of the Nevada County Court System"
June 23 Supervisor Nate Beeson, "Ins and Outs, Highs and Lows of being a County Supervisor"
June 29 Demotion Party at Judy & George's Bridge House
July 7 First Thursday Mixer, 5:30 pm
July 9 Work Party at the Fair Booth, 9-noon
July 9 "Engaging Emerging Leaders" District workshop in Reno
July 15 Children's Festival
Aug 4 Pre-Fair Picnic, 5:30 pm
Aug 10-14 County Fair, Pulled Pork & Chicken sandwich booth

For additional calendar events please visit the calendar at
If you have a whine, write it on the back of a 20 dollar bill and give it to your president.
If you have an idea for a club program please contact Walt Stickel or Nancy Kemp.

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John Hensley's Recreation Realty/Nevada County Properties office at 432 Broad St. Nevada City.
All club members are encouraged to attend a meeting.
Location subject to change, please ask.

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