Rotario - January 30, 2020

 Dear Rotarians and Friends,

Thursday January 30, 2020 - 5th Thursday
¡Hasta la vista! y ¡Buen viaje! to our Los Barriles Team

Next Week:  Trolley Junction at Northern Queen Hotel
400 Railroad Avenue, Nevada City Directions

The Rotary Club of Nevada City just had another great week. Well, some of us did. Those of you who are suffering from whatever bug it is that is going around, I hope this Rotario finds you feeling better (and thank you for not coming to the meeting and sharing it.)

Last week:  The Midnight Girls Scout Troop

For those of us lucky enough to be at the meeting on Thursday we had quite a treat. The Midnight Girls, a Scout Troop from Deer Creek School, had the most delightful, well-prepared program to not only entertain us but to make us think. They presented a well thought out plan to help the homeless in our community while also trying to deal with some of the garbage that seems to multiply at homeless encampments. The concept is a “Trash Trade Store.” Their project reports that trash at homeless campsites is a huge fire risk. Their solution will help reduce fuel in campsites by allowing homeless individuals to bring in their trash and trade it for supplies they need as well as supplies that will reduce fire risk, such as fire safety tools, camping supplies, and warm clothes and blankets. The project is part of their Girl Scout program to come up with a creative solution to a problem.

Oh, did I mention that they also built a robot and the Midnight Girls were also one of two teams selected to participate in the NorCal Innovation Expo in San Jose, CA. Teams are chosen for this based solely on their Innovation Project. Oh, and did I also mention that they are just fourth graders and that they are an all-girl team! Their public speaking skills are phenomenal. At that age I’d cry when I had to talk to anyone and speaking in front of the class or a group would have filled me with terror for weeks. Keep an eye out in The Union or YubaNet  for updates on the Midnight Girls. I predict they are headed for some big things!

Rotary Leadership Institute II - Congrats!

On Saturday, January 25th, four members of our Club were represented at the Rotary Leadership Institute II training; two were trainers and two of us were trainees. Dennis and Robin, along with Stacy Graham from Area 5 were facilitators extraordinaire. Tom Milam and I just tried to keep up with all the information and ideas that they presented us with. There were also a lot of interactive exercises for us to work on in groups. Not only was it an inexpensive way ($20 for the day which included lunch) to gain skills that companies pay big bucks for to train their employees; it was fun to meet Rotarians from other clubs in Area 4 and Area 5 as well as Portola and Quincy.  And it was nice to see familiar faces from RLI I training(s). Way to go District 5190 Training Team!

Los Barriles aquí vamos!

Finally, at long last, six Rotarians from our Club, will be either in Mexico or winging our way there, on Thursday. Good thing it’s a 5th Thursday and there isn’t a meeting so you can’t celebrate with tacos and margaritas like I’ve heard you did before. We’ll be meeting up with “feels like a Club Member who we adopted” Chris Geyer and the Los Barriles club to help with medical screening again.

We’ve also been invited on a tour of the government run clinic that we helped repair with our financial contributions last year. It’s always nice to see how our contributions are helping and how far they go to help provide much-needed services in the area surrounding our Sister Club. This is such a great example of a Rotary Friendship Exchange (see Dennis and Robin, I was listening at RLI II).

For a taste of what’s happening this coming week, check out photos from the last year’s East Cape Health and Rotary Medical Screening March 2019.

Area 4 Rotary Community Awards Celebration - February 19

Cast your ballot for Citizen of the Year, Volunteer of the Year and Lowell Robinson Business Person of the Year at Community Awards close on February 4.

Save the Date!  This year's Area Wide Community Awards Celebration is at Foothill Event Center on Wednesday February 19.  

Hungry Games Planning for 2020

We are planning an even bigger and better Hungry Games for 2020.  Join the fun and comradery of planning our 2020 Hungry Games event with the team. The team is meeting on Thursday February 6 before our meeting. 

Watch for updates from Michael or contact him if you want to be more involved!

Visit Nevada City Rotary Hungry Games or our Facebook Hungry Games event for more details and copies of our 2020 Hungry Games II press release.  Tickets will be available to sell in early February!


District 5190 combines Leadership Learning Assembly (formerly CLA) and District Conference.  Plan to come celebrate, learn and play!  April 24 - 26 at the Nugget in Sparks, NV.  Watch for registration coming soon -- and a BIG THANK YOU to our own Dennis Geare who as District Registrar is implementing a brand new registration system for RALLYE.

Nevada City Rotary Board Activities

Stay informed about actions your Nevada City Rotary Board of Directors is taking.  Minutes of Board Meetings and Club Leadership Retreats for the past year along with survey results, Club Bylaws, Nevada City Rotary Foundation 501 (c) 3 status and other documents are available in our "Members Only" section of our website at  If you need assistance remembering your user ID and password, contact Robin or reply to this newsletter.

Upcoming Events:

January 30:  DARK : 5th Thursday

January 30-February 3:  Los Barriles International Service Trip

February 1: Nevada City Chamber and Nevada City Rotary Award Business Person of the Year at Chamber Awards Dinner.

February 6: Social: ACME Robotics

February 13: Lunch Jeannie Wood , CATS (Community Asian Theatre of the Sierra) “The Chinese and the Gold Rush”

February 19 - Wednesday - Community Awards Program, Foothills Event Center

February 20: - Moved to Community Awards Program

February 27:  Club Speech Contest

March 5: Social Project Amigo, Faith Tannenbaum

March 11: Area 4 Speech Contest, Grass Valley Methodist Church

March 12: Moved to March 11 Speech contest; Hungry Games team may meet - watch for details

March 15: Hungry Games, Miners Foundry

March 19: Social Bob Murley-  ”The Apollo Moon Project: Things You Probably Don’t Know”

March 21; Young Musicians Competition Area 4 Rotary and MIM Music Contest; Day-long, multi-level competitions at Grass Valley United Methodist Church - Student musicians and volunteers only.

March 26: Lunch Lynda Guthrie: Craft Talk

March 28: Young Musicians Concert 2:00pm Area 4 Rotary and MIM Music Concert by Competition winners, at Grass Valley United Methodist Church - open to Rotarians and the public

April 23- Lunch Debbie Thomas - A Peace Corps Volunteer’s Experience in Albania

April 24-26:  RALLYE - District 5190 combined Club Leadership Assembly and Conference at the Nugget in Sparks, NV


May 21 Social: Randy Arnold, The Barefoot Spirit - with goodie bags!

June 18: Cathy's Demotion Dinner

Click the Young Musicians Competition banner to learn more about the robust Competition and Concert plans for March 2020. If you have young musicians in your life, share this link...

Thank you to John Wilson, Nathan Leishman, and Gayle Denney for planning this year's Music Contest.  John reached out to partner with MIM in order to recruit a larger number of youth musicians. 

Thank you Nancy Kemp and Christine Newsom for coordinating our programs!

Special Dates


Carla Burke 1/13   John Woodford and Janna 1/01
Judy Soldavini 2/28   Carolyn Inglis and Mike 2/12
Carolyn Inglis 2/28   Allan Rogers and Betty 2/18

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Community Service: Carolyn Inglis & Tom Milam

Club Social:  Judy Soldavini
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Vocational Service: Nicole Dillard
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