Rotario For February 28, 2013

RI President:  Sakuji Tanaka District 5190 Governor:  Sam Wilbanks

Club Board of Directors

President: Staff
President-Elect: Dennis Geare
Past President: Carolyn Inglis
Secretary: Bob Buhlis
Treasurer: Ellen Davis
Director at Large: John Hensley
Club Service: Robin Milam.
Community Service: Gary Gustafson
International Service: Nancy Kemp
Vocational Service: Jim Phillips
Foundation: Bob Buhlis
Membership: Carolyn Inglis


Today's Program ~ Howard Levine
Former Director of the GV Downtown Assoc.

pP Ben Baretta presiding

Thought for the Week: 
Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife are in fact plans to protect man.
Stewart Udall

February 21st is the 108th Birthday of Rotary International. Cup cakes to celebrate!

Message from Juan Viejo (John Hensley)
"Hi all,  All is well in Baja & hope you all are too. With friends, I was able to install new solar system in my home here  ( I brought it from the lake house) much work here, but a few beach days too.  It has been mostly windy & cold, but still nice.  My best to all back home."  Juan Viejo

Message from pP Kim
Dear Rotary Friends!
I am so excited to announce to my second family (all of you) that my husband Mike received official notice that his transfer request to work at Cal Fire Washington Ridge Camp, Nevada City WAS APPROVED! He starts very soon, March 5th!  The boyz and I are beside ourselves with the great news that Daddy will be home every night.  So please join me at this week's meeting as I will be bringing Champaign and Sparkling Cider to toast to the Stewart Family's new life!

Notes From Last Meeting
Kudos to the our student musicians at the meeting:  Andrea Bock, Bear River, with two pieces on the flute, and Sam Dykstra, Nevada Union, with three classical guitar numbers.   Both contest entrants gave the judges a difficult chore.  In the end, First Place went to Andrea, however, both of the outstanding musicians will represent the Nevada City club at the area competition on April 7.  While waiting for the judges to collaborate on the contest results, we learned that just about everyone in the room either plays a musical instrument or tried at one time; sounds like it's a good  thing that many of us quit while ahead!   A big thank you to contest chair Gayle Denney and her team for a job well done.

pP Kim Stewart chaired our well attended meeting that included five guests plus our student musicians.  pP Kim made an especial welcome to Dave Fluke, Ron Knaus, John Burke and George Rebane who haven't been able to attend recently.   Condolences were also expressed to Walt Stickel at the unexpected passing of his sister In New Jersey.

Robin Milam announced that plans were underway for an Off BroadStreet theatre party for their new production, "Forever Meadow Green".   The other Area 4 clubs are being invited - watch for the date!  Also, a couple of more Flash Mob events are in the works.  You won't want to miss them!

pP and Treasurer Ellen Davis announced the board's recent decision to raise lunch prices to $14 and $6 for non-eaters effective March 7.  The raise is to help cover lunches for guests in hopes of helping to balance the budget.

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○ George Rebane - 2/10
○ Tom Coleman - 2/18
○ Carolyn Inglis - 2/28
○ Judy Soldavini - 2/28
○ Dennis Geare - 3/4
○ Alan Rogers - 3/7
○ John Woodford - 3/7
○ Dan Becker - 3/25

○ Carolyn and Mike Inglis - 2/12
○ Alan and Betty Rogers - 2/18
○ Dave and Carol Fluke - 3/18


Club Calendar      
○ March 4 Board Meeting
○ March 7 Club Speech Contest
○ March 14 Dave Schmall, Publisher, The Union Newspaper
Short video intro of "Kiss My Beignet"
○ March 21 Program In The Park, Town Social with Musical Guest
○ March 28 CATS Performance "Journey to the West"
○ April 1 Board Meeting
○ April 3 Rotary Area 4 Speech Contest - Wednesday
○ April 4 Dark for Speech Contest
○ April 11 TBA
○ April 18 TBA
○ April 20 District Assembly, Atlantis in Reno
○ April 25 TBA
○ April 27 Rotarians at Work - Area 4 at the Fairgrounds
○ May 2 TBA
○ May 6 Board Meeting
○ May 9 TBA
○ May 17-19 District 5190 Conference
○ May 19-24 GSE Team from India visiting Area 4
○ May 23 GSE visitation
○ May 30 TBA
○ June 20 Portuguese Party, celebrating incoming RI President
○ September 27 Club auction event "Adventures and Wine" at MF

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*Board Meetings are usually held on the first Monday of the month at 5:30pm at The National Hotel.

Rotary Club of Nevada City — Established October 3, 1935
Meets every Thursday at 12:15pm at the National Hotel — PO Box 74 — Nevada City, California 95959

Mission Statement: The Nevada City Rotary Club is the service club people want to join because it's a diverse and welcoming group of people who live Service Above Self by giving financial and hands-on support to our local, national & international communities, exemplifying ethical leadership, and getting things done while having good, clean fun.