Rotario --April 27, 2016

Dear Rotarians and Friends,    

APRIL 28: HOW $26.50 BECAME $3 BILLION. The Rotary Foundation started with a bright idea, a warm heart, and a $26.50 investment. It has been so meaningfully focused that millions have contributed to it. It has been so effectively managed that it has funded billions of dollars worth of service projects over its 100 years. On the century anniversary we will recall the formation of The Rotary Foundation and celebrate it's achievements. 

MAY 5: FIRST THURSDAY MIXER as an extra. The main event this week is the service project on Friday, and that's where we hope to see you. For those absolutely unable to serve on Friday, and for those who just like Rotary fellowship, we will still have the Social on Thursday evening. (Besides, as of press time, we haven't gotten complete confirmation that the service project is on for May 6) Enjoy the fellowship!

(Probable): FRIDAY, MAY 6 SERVICE OUTREACH: Adaptive Education kids tour the Empire Mine, 9:45 am.   Join us for a special treat as we serve lunch to the Adaptive Education students of 7 Hills and Union Hill along with the 7 Hills Middle School Leadership class at Empire Mine.  We will meet in the picnic area directly across the road from the main entrance to Empire Mine and make sandwiches at 9:45 am while the students tour the mine.  We are targeting to serve lunch at 11:00 am because a firetruck is coming at 11:30 to WOW the kids. All club members are needed at 9:45 and/or 11. 


MAY 12: THE BODACIOUS BATWA; HEALTH IMPROVES. Dr. Scott Kellerman will give an update on the work of the Kellerman Foundation among Pygmies of the Batwa Impentrable Forest, and on the contents of the shipping container that area Rotary clubs are currently assembling to send to Uganda. Since Scott and his wife established medical service there, innumerable lives have been saved. The survival rate of newly born children is especially impressive. 


THERE WAS NO MEETING  in favor of focusing on the outreach to Adaptive Education kids at Empire Mine. The service project was postponed due to inclement weather (it was raining quite hard at 10 am) and rescheduled for May 6 (probably). See the article above. 

OPPORTUNITIES FOR SERVICE through the Rotary Club of Nevada City

The Rock Creek/Empire Mine Outing for students with disabilities is on Friday, May 6, from 9:45 am to 1 pm at the Empire Mine. All members are asked to partiapte at 9:45 and/or 11 am.

Help prepare the club's display for the District Confernce May 13-15. We have many notable and colorful items to share from our exciting year: costumes from Kazakhstan, video and demonstrations from the Girls Who Code clubs, water filters and bright paint from Mexico ...we just need a couple of people to arrange them in an attractive and winsome way. See Dave or Robin to volunteer.

Transport students to the District Conference on May 14. We have been asked to have at least two Rotarians and two students from our Girls Who Code clubs at an information session on "Effective Youth Programs" Satruday morning of the Conference. This would involve driving them up and back, and probably enjoying elements of the conference for lunch and early afternoon. See Dave or Robin to volunteer.

Provide snacks for the Girls Who Code club. This is a real feel-good service opportuntiy, but only four dates are still available: May 3, 11, 31, and June 1. Set-up, serving, and clean-up take less than an hour, the girls LOVE you, and you leave with a warm appreciation for the good nature of youth in our community. Sign up with Dave Bunje. 



THE ROTARY COUNCIL ON LEGISLATION RECENTLY APPROVED SEVERAL BIG CHANGES: 1) RI dues will increase $4 in 2017, 2018, and 2019. 2) Clubs will be permitted to decide to vary their meeting long as they meet twice a month. 3) Clubs will have more flexiblity in choosing their membership rules and requirements. 4) Membership critera is simplified to "good chracter, good reputaiton in their business or community, and willingness to serve the community." 5) Rotaractors can also become Rotary club members. 6) Starting in June, to qualify for Rule of 85 one must have been a Rotarian for 20+ years, which when combined with age add up to 85 or more.

THE DISTRICT CONFERENCE, MAY 13-15 IS A CELEBRATION of the experiences and accomplishments of the Rotary year, enhanced by good fellowship and valuable networking with Rotarians from other clubs. Register online at; there is no abiltiy to register on site. 

SPONSORSHIPS ARE SOUGHT FOR THE DISTRICT CONFERENCE. With support between $1,000 and $10,000 to help make the conference happen, businesses and individuals are provided meal invitatons, banner listing and special notation in the program. Walt and Dave have details.

ROTARY PEACE FELLOWSHIP APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN. Recommend your neighbor or relative today!

WORDS OF WISDOM: “The Rotary Foundation is not to build monuments of brick and stone. If we work upon marble, it will perish; if we work on brass, time will efface it; if we rear temples they will crumble into dust; but if we work upon immortal minds, if we imbue them with the full meaning of the spirit of Rotary as expressed in our Objects and with the just fear of God and love of our fellow citizens, we are engraving on those tablets something that will brighten all eternity.”                 — The Rotary Foundation, THE ROTARIAN, April 1929 

-- President Dave




John Burke                             5/15

Jim Phillips                            5/19

Gil Gray                                  5/31

Robin & Tom Milam                                   5/1

Wally & Mary Krill                                     5/2

John Hensley & Sandra Brown               5/5


Rotary Leadership

RI President: Ravi Ravindran
RI Director: Brad Howard
District 5190 Governor: Gail Ellingwood
Asst. Governor, Area 4: Dennis Geare

Club Leadership

President: Dave Bunje
President-Elect: Walt Stickel

Secretary: Walt Stickel
Treasurer: Cathy Wilcox-Barnes
Public Relations: Robin Milam
Community Service: Robin Milam

Club Service: Pearce Boyer III
International Service: Carolyn Feuille
Vocational Service: Nicole Dillard
Foundation: Nicole Dillard
Youth Services: Carolyn Inglis



April 28 How $26.50 Became $3 Billion, History of the Rotary Foundation
May 5 First Thursday Social
May 6 Special Needs students hike and lunch at Empire Mine, 9:45-1
May 12 The Bodacious Batwa; Health Improves, with Dr. Scott Kellerman
May 13-15 District Conference, Atlantis Hotel, Reno, Nevada 
May 19 Nisenan Tribal Leader Shelly Covert

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