Rotario --April 13, 2016

Dear Rotarians and Friends,    

APRIL 14: THE HIGHS AND LOWS OF BEING A FRANCHISE OWNER, with Keith Miller, right. Pick up a sandwich at a local Subway and you just might meet the guy who coordinates legistaltion and policies not only for all Subway franchise owners across the country, but also for nationwide franchise owners in 17 businesses, including 7-11, SuperCuts, Burger King, Asian-American Hotels, Dominoes, Meineke, Dunkin' Donuts, and more. Keith is chair of the Coalition of Franchisee Associations AND our very own local sandwich maker. He will share his remarkable adventures.

ALSO ON THURSDAY: ELECTION OF NEXT YEAR'S BOARD. Please see the nominations below.

SHE HAS ARRIVED! TAKARA LEONE BUNDY was born to Michelle Thomas and Joe Bundy at 1:30 am on Monday, at 6 lbs. 8 oz and 19 1/2" tall. From the picture here you can see why they say "she is perfectly healthy and so beautiful!"

APRIL 21/22: "ROCK CREEK" SERVICE PROJECT WILL BE FRIDAY, APRIL 22 AT EMPIRE MINE, from 10 am to 1 pm. The TKM Family Resource Center (Special Ed) Staff and Seven Hills Leadership Class have requested the date and venue, and we Rotarians aim to serve! Students will be arriving at 10 am to the warm welcome of Rotarians, and will return to the parking lot for lunch at ~11:30. We will be assembling cold cut sandwiches, fruit salad, and much-desired homemade cookies. All members are requested to particpate. 

APRIL 28: "INSIGHTS OUT" OF VETERINARY MEDICINE with Dr. Michelle Capen. Having received her bachelor's degreee from the University of Nevada, and her doctorate at Oregon State, Dr. Capen has settled on Nevada County as the best place to work, and now owns the Brunswick Veterinary Clinic. What are her hardest cases? Her most heartwarming stories?


This was a most eventful week; just look. Thank you for your many forms of service!

CHRIS NEWSOM WAS INDUCTED AS A NEW MEMBER, AND BILL NEWSOM SPOKE about about the genesis of the Cancer Center at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital. We learned that the Outpatient Clinic was already planned and scheduled when Dr. Newsom convinced leaders that adding a cancer center, for an additional $2 1/2 million, would serve patients immeasurabley, and benefit the hospital. We thank Dr. Bill and welcome Dr. Chris with open arms. At left are President Dave Bunje, Membership Chair Emeritus Dennis Geare, and Chris Newsom. 

YOUR EFFORTS REWARDED: SUNDAY'S AREA MUSIC CONTEST WOWS. All the hard work at last year's auction, and your generous support of the students reaped impressive benefits as ten contestants reinforced our investment in the dedication and artistry of area youth. The parent of one contestant said, "This is so wonderful what Rotary does for the students. You give them something to work for, and a place to feel appreciated. And for so many of you to come out on a Sunday afternoon really boosts their spirits, and ours." The contestants are, from right to left: Braeden Ames, flute (1st place, NU, 12th, PV), Leo Zlimen, piano (2nd place, NU, 11th, 49er), Delphine Griffith, harp (3rd place, NU, 12th, PV), Brandon Stubbs, trumpet (GECHS, 12th, GV), Sam Hales, piano, (GECHS, 10th, GVS), Melanie Cummins, piano (home, 10th, NC), David Fenton, piano (home, 11th, GV), Sydney Burdett-Corsi, harp, (FCS, 10th, NC), Miles Mason, drum (GECHS, 10th, GVS), George Daly, piano (FCS, 11th, 49er).

THE CLUB LEADERSHIP ASSEMBLY WAS A GREAT LEARNING EXPERIENCE last Saturday in Reno. Five club members partook of the excellent training sessions, and three led one or more sessions. Pictures at left are Robin Milam and Dennis Geare teaching the "Hands On Tech" workshop to members of other clubs. 

YOUR GIRLS WHO CODE CLUB HAD A TABLE at the STEAM Expo last Satuday at the Fairgrounds. There were quite a number of visitors, and one GWC student was asked if whe would do a one week "camp" this summer. Cool!

OPPORTUNITIES FOR SERVICE through the Rotary Club of Nevada City

The Rock Creek/Empire Mine Outing for students with disabilities is on Friday, April 22, from 10 am to 1 pm at the Empire Mine. The Thursday meeting is moved to this event. See the article above.

Help prepare the club's display for the District Confernce May 13-15. We have many notable and colorful items to share from our exciting year: costumes from Kazakhstan (such as Ron Knaus is modeling, right), video and demonstrations from the Girls Who Code clubs, water filters and bright paint from Mexico ...we just need a couple of people to arrange them in an attractive and winsome way. See Dave or Robin to volunteer.

Transport students to the District Conference on May 14. We have been asked to have at least two Rotarians and two students from our Girls Who Code clubs at an information session on "Effective Youth Programs" Satruday moring of the Conference. This would involve driving them up and back, and probably enjoying elements of the conference for lunch and early afternoon. See Dave or Robin to volunteer.

Provide snacks for the Girls Who Code club. This is a real feel-good service opportuntiy, but only four dates are still available: May 3, 11, 31, and June 1. Set-up, serving, and clean-up take less than an hour, the girls LOVE you, and you leave with a warm appreciation for the good nature of youth in our community. Sign up with Dave Bunje. 

The Garden Planter Box construction project has been rescheduled. Joe Bundy and Carolyn Inglis will keep us up to date.


NOMINATED BOARD FOR 2016-2017. After taking nomoinations from the floor, the Board will be elected this Thursday, April 14: 

President: Walt Stickel
President-Elect: Hilary Hodge

Secretary: Robin Milam
Treasurer: Cathy Wilcox-Barnes
Public Relations: Michale Young
Community Service: Dave Bunje

Programs: Hilary Hodge

Club Service: Pearce Boyer III
International Service: Carolyn Feuille
Vocational Service: Nicole Dillard
Foundation: Nicole Dillard
Youth Services: Karrie Barrett

Membership: Joe Bundy

THE DISTRICT CONFERENCE, MAY 13-15 IS A CELEBRATION of the experiences and accomplishments of the Rotary year, enhanced by good fellowship and valuable networking with Rotarians from other clubs. Register online at; there is no abiltiy to register on site. 

SPONSORSHIPS ARE SOUGHT FOR THE DISTRICT CONFERENCE. With support between $1,000 and $10,000 to help make the conference happen, businesses and individuals are provided meal invitatons, banner listing and special notation in the program. Walt and Dave have details.

ROTARY PEACE FELLOWSHIP APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN. Recommend your neighbor or relative today!

WORDS OF WISDOM: "In the end, all business operations can be reduced to three words: people, product and profits. Unless you've got a good team, you can't do much with the other two.."  --Lee Iacocca

-- President Dave




Walt Stickel                             4/1

Hilary Hodge                          4/1

hari Barley                              4/4

John Hensley  (the big 70!)  4/11

Really, no anniversaries in April?


Rotary Leadership

RI President: Ravi Ravindran
RI Director: Brad Howard
District 5190 Governor: Gail Ellingwood
Asst. Governor, Area 4: Dennis Geare

Club Leadership

President: Dave Bunje
President-Elect: Walt Stickel

Secretary: Walt Stickel
Treasurer: Cathy Wilcox-Barnes
Public Relations: Robin Milam
Community Service: Robin Milam

Club Service: Pearce Boyer III
International Service: Carolyn Feuille
Vocational Service: Nicole Dillard
Foundation: Nicole Dillard
Youth Services: Carolyn Inglis

Programs: Hilary Hodge


April 14 "Highs and Lows of a Franchise Owner," with Keith Miller
April 21 Club meeting moved to Friday service project (below)
April 22 Special Needs students hike and lunch at Empire Mine, 10-1
April 28 "Insights Out" of Veterinary Medicine, with Dr. Michelle Capon
May 5 First Thursday Merchant Mixer
May 12 The Bodacious Batwa; Health Improves, with Dr. Scott Kellerman
May 13-15 District Conference, Atlantis Hotel, Reno, Nevada 
May 19 Nisenan Tribal Leader Shelly Covert

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If you have an idea for a club program please contact Hilary Hodge.

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