Nevada County PPE - Need Volunteers

Area 4 Rotary is distributing PPE Tuesday, July 21 at 11:30 for 3.5 hours

AG Lindy Beatie is recruiting 5-8 volunteers to assist with handing out Personal Protective Equipment at the former County Corporation yards on Loma Rica Dr.  If you are available and want to assist, contact Lindy directly at lindybeatie@gmail.comPlease coordinate with Lindy (ie don't just show up) and wear your mask!

Nevada County is distributing a 30 day supply of PPE masks and sanitizer to small businesses next week.  According to a release from the county Emergency Services Office, they have 2,600 gallons of hand sanitizer and 314,000 surgical masks to distribute.

To our business owners:

Small business owners wishing to get their own supply must place their requests in advance using this online form:  -- printed receipts will be required at pickup locations.

Some western Nevada County organizations are offering support by assisting with the distribution, including the Economic Resource Council, Grass Valley Downtown Association, Nevada City Chamber of Commerce, Nevada County Realtors Association, Nevada County Tech Connection, Nevada Union Athletics, and Rotary International, i.e. Area 4 Club members!