NCRotary first E-Meeting 3-19-20

Dear Rotarians and Friends,

Stay Connected ...

Welcome to March 19, 2020 first ever Rotary Club of Nevada City E(mail) club meeting and the first day of Spring! Please join in this meeting by simply REPLYing to this email and give us 1 word to 1 sentence or even a paragraph that says how you are doing or a bit of wisdom.  Robin will collect your replies and issue a group response…we will give you a day or two to reply. And yes, we invite friends on our distribution to play along with us!

I am picturing all of your smiling faces as I call this meeting to order and I am really sorry we can’t see each other face-to-face. 


Today’s meeting is about Imagining. Imagination got us to the moon 50 years ago this week. Imagination will get us through this meeting. First imagine that Ken Ching has arrived early and set up our meeting room for us. Our banner, the flag and the 4-Way test are in place. PE Tom Milam has the projector lit up.  Carla Burke’s smiling face greeted you as she took your money and checked you in. Nicole Dillard sold you what she assured is “the winning ticket” for the drawing.  Next, Susie Monary-Wilson has led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Allan Rogers has just helped us finish a rousing chorus of “When Irish Eyes are Smiling.”  We’ve fellowshipped for 15 minutes over delicious food and good company and it is now time for Announcements.

Club Member Announcements

Michael Young announces that Hungry Games was only postponed until July 19th and it will be bigger and better than if we’d held it on March 15th. Sadly, Dennis Geare and Robin Milam must announce RALLYE (District Conference and Training) has been cancelled but Dennis announces he is handing out money to anyone who registered for RALLYE.  He pulls out a few Happy Bucks before Walt can even get out the gold pan because he had thought it would be a tedious line by line, meal by meal effort as Registrator to cancel all those reservations! John Wilson announces the Music Contest is cancelled because RALLYE is cancelled, but, like Hungry Games, it will be bigger and better next year. Nathan Leishman adds that the Area Speech Contest was successful. We heard from five talented young speakers and the good news is they are all eligible to compete next year because none were Seniors. Unfortunately, the Area winner will not get to compete at District Level due to the current health crisis.

Chris Newsom fills us in on Guest Speaker postponements and assures us that they will be rescheduled as soon as we know when we can resume our regular club schedule of in-person meetings. Nancy Kemp announces that Girls Who Code is also suspended, along with school.Tom Ryan announces that the Membership Committee met with a new, prospective member Dana Milner who is joining us as a guest again today (his third meeting). Yes, Dana this counts!

Announcements over, it is time for the Thought of the Day.

Thought of the Day

"One truth I have discovered for sure: When you believe that all things are possible and you are willing to work hard to accomplish your goals, you can achieve the next 'impossible' dream. No dream is too high!"   Buzz Aldrin

The same can be true of the COVID-19 pandemic we are now facing. We will all pull together, work hard and achieve the next impossible dream of stopping it in its tracks. It won’t stop us!

Guest Speaker - Moon Landing Delayed

A guest speaker isn’t the same in our imagination as he would be in person so I’m not even going to attempt that suggestion. The speaker for today was supposed to be Bob Murley, Carolyn Feuille’s husband, talking about ”The Apollo Moon Project: Things You Probably Don’t Know.”  I know he has been working hard on his presentation and is disappointed he won’t be able to give it at this time. I know we are all disappointed that we won’t be finding out things we don’t know about it at this time but, I know we will look forward to his presentation when we can get back together again.

$ Happy/Sad bucks $

Wow, meetings are so efficient when we do it by email and imagination! It is now time to move on to Happy/Sad bucks and as SAA Walt Stickel is getting his red vest on and the gold pan ready, I remind you of our Rotary Theme for the year 2019-2020. “Rotary Connects the World.”  I encourage you to all try to stay connected during this time of isolation and uncertainty. Reach out by phone, text or email and say “hi” to your fellow Rotarians and see how they are doing and if they need anything. This includes wandering Rotarians Dave and Gayle Denney (easy to imagine a beach on Hanalei Bay … are those whales in the surf?), stay-at-home Rotarians Ron Knaus, Jack Dinwiddie, Greg Geare, Wally Krill and John Woodford and busy working Rotarians Stacy Drake-Robinson and Kim Stewart. Reach out to friends in other parts of the country (or the world) to check on them. They may be worried about you and a cheery “hello” just may lift their spirits.

Also, as you are home more and tackling those “clean up/clear out” projects around the house, remember to put unwanted items aside for our Rotary Garage Sale. It may be Labor Day weekend instead of Memorial Day weekend, but we are definitely having a REAL garage sale (at a real garage – Dave’s Auto, Stacy Drake-Robinson’s husband’s business).

During Happy/Sad bucks, imagine that people are meeting the challenge of $20.20 as the paper rustles and the coins clink into the pan. Carolyn Inglis announces that she and Mike enjoyed their cruise but got sick upon returning. They self-quarantined and are feeling well now. (Remember this is our imagination and she is at this meeting because it is online and not in person and we are just imagining her.) David Fluke says he is happy to be able to join us again for the second time now that he is doing so much better. Lynda Guthrie proudly tells about her “milestone” birthday and say that even though she had a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends she is glad to be back home to normal life again. Normal?? I’m not sure my online ears heard or read that right!

Tom Ryan is happy his expansive deck (that he rebuilt board by board) held up under 3 feet of snow … how many tons was that?  Robin Milam is happy they have power again in time for this week’s double clincher Survivor. John Hensley reports that he and Sandra’s last drive (66 times) to Baja is awaiting yet another week for snow melt. The old truck is loaded to the gills with items to take advantage of this trip - it’s strictly flying in the future. Judy Soldavini is happy for the beautiful snow but wants to see her garden snow-free again with flowers brightly blooming instead of buried. PE Tom is happy that he and Dennis are back from PETS and reports it was rewarding and inspiring. He is eager to jump into action already to get things in place for his year. Dennis chips in $20.20 to say he is glad to be back because he’s exhausted and walked over 5 miles a day being a Sargent-At-Arms at PETS – plus elevator service added countless floors. Your President, Cathy Wilcox-Barnes, is happy that we can get together in spirit, if not in person and is thankful for each and every one of you. She misses seeing you and encourages everyone to be safe and follow guidelines. Paul Boch is newly returned from a Mexican cruise and happy he made it home without sitting on a cruise ship in the bay for weeks.

Rotary Four-Way Test

Paul then leads us in the Four-Way Test of the things we think, say and do: 1st, is it the truth?; 2nd, is it fair to all concerned?; 3rd, will it build good will and better friendships?; and 4th, will it be beneficial to all concerned?

During this time of fear, confusion, doubts, financial uncertainty, self-isolation and more, remember to let the Four-Way test guide your actions and remember to reach out to be “Rotary Connecting the World.

More to come

Robin monitors our email. You can direct questions to that email or to me.  The situation is very volatile.  As we learn more and to stay in touch, we will send out regular or more frequent Rotarios. Follow Nevada County updates through The County published a very informative video entitled What is Corona Virus and How do We Prepare? on that page.

Thank you all again for your hard work and dedication to our Rotary Club. Be patient and be safe.

Meeting adjourned individually at whatever time you read this...

Your President,

Cathy W-B

Upcoming Events - Postponed, Canceled and Planned:

March 15: Hungry Games, Miners Foundry - postponed to July 19, 2020

March 19: Social DARK Through at least April 1

March 26: Lunch DARK Through at least April 1

To be rescheduled: 

  • Bob Murley-  ”The Apollo Moon Project: Things You Probably Don’t Know”
  • Lynda Guthrie: Craft Talk

March 28: Young Musicians Concert 2:00pm Area 4 Rotary and MIM Music Concert CANCELED

April 24-26:  RALLYE - District 5190 CANCELED

To Be Determined:

April 2: Social Christina Giffin, Nevada Co. Sup. of Schools Office  “Career Pathways Partners”

April 9- Lunch- Bob Branston, Citizens Climate Lobby:  “An Optimist’s Guide to Climate Change”

April 16: Social: Nancy Kemp:  Update on Girls Who Code

April 23- Lunch Debbie Thomas - A Peace Corps Volunteer’s Experience in Albania

May 7:  FUN Social

March 14: Lunch

May 21 Social: Randy Arnold, The Barefoot Spirit - with goodie bags!

June 18: Cathy's Demotion Dinner

July 17: The Children's Festival, 9am - noon and 5pm - 8pm Pioneer Park, Nevada City

August 20: DG Roberta Pickett Visit


Club Leadership


President: Cathy Wilcox-Barnes
President-Elect: Tom Milam
Past President: Tom Ryan
Secretary: Robin Milam
Treasurer: Carla Burke
Public Image: Michael Young & Robin Milam
Youth Service: John Wilson & Nathan Leishman
Community Service: Carolyn Inglis & Tom Milam

Club Social:  Judy Soldavini
Sergeant at Arms: Walt Stickel
International Service: Carolyn Feuille
Vocational Service: Nicole Dillard
Foundation: Christine Newsom
Membership: Stacy Robinson & Tom Ryan
Program Chairs: Christine Newsom
& Nancy Kemp
At Large: Dennis Geare

If you have a whine, write it on the back of a 20 dollar bill and give it to your president.
If you have an idea for a club program please contact Nancy Kemp or Christine Newsom.

The Fine Print

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