Message from your Foundation Chair


Who agrees with me that President Carolyn will go down in our recent club history as one of our hardest working and most successful leaders?   I'm sure you all agree, hands down, that we are having an exceptional year.  She has built on our successes of previous years to take 2011-12 up a notch just as her predecessors have done before her.

Now it is payback time.  It is a time to honor her and obtain the club recognition that will acknowledge the achievements of the year:  The Presidential Citation.

Among the requirements for the Presidential Citation is for us a club to achieve Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) status by March 31 and for us to have an average per member contribution to the RI Annual Program Fund (APF) of $100.  It is an obligation of every Rotarian to support APF, and so far 26 of our 44 members are EREY for the current Rotary year.  Eleven are Sustaining Members with at least $100 contributed.  Our current year pledge is $5,000 and we have $1,200 to go.

There is an urgency for the remaining 18 Nevada City Club Rotarians to make a contribution of any amount by the March 31 deadline.  You have each received an email from me asking for you support.  I trust you will follow through.  It is another goal for every Rotarian to be a Sustaining Member with a minimum $100 donation.  We don't expect everyone in our club to make a $100 donation this year, but it is conceivable that we could have an average donation of $100 (a minimum goal) if every member will contribute something by the March 28 meeting.  A minimum $25 is requested.

And what about the 25 of us who are already EREY this year, some of which are already Sustaining Members with at least  $100 contributed to the APF?  If you are not one of the Sustaining Members, it is not too late to become one.  No matter your status, please consider contributing a few more dollars.

You can go on-line to check what you have already contributed and you can check with me to see what amount may be mailed in this week for you (January through March "Keep the Change" has not been included yet, but will by March 31).

As I mentioned earlier, President Carolyn has done a great job for us this year; let's show our appreciation by helping our club to look good in the Call for Recognition and help her achieve the Presidential Citation!

Call or email if you have questions.  Thanks!

Yours in Rotary,

pP Bob Buhlis
Foundation Chairman
Nevada City Rotary Club