The Membership committee encourages club members to propose new members. They also process the proposals and recommend approval to the Board of Directors.

Criteria:  The Club shall be composed of adult persons of good character and good business and professional reputation who:

(1) Are engaged as president, CEO, owner, partner, corporate officer, or manager of any recognized business, branch, agency or profession with primary policy-making responsibilities and or managerial duties; OR

(2) Have retired from any position that would have qualified for membership; OR

(3) Are the owner or manager of a recognized firm (sole proprietor, partnership, corporation, or LLC) with primary policy-making responsibilities and/or managerial duties AND have been in business at least three years in York County AND the business maintains an office, preferably outside the home of the individual. The 3 year waiting period may be waived if the person would have qualified at their previous employ AND the new business is in the same vocation; OR

(4) Are individuals, who, through their personal contributions, involvement, and commitment beyond the scope of their employment, has helped to enrich the lives of others by significant Community Activism and Leadership, therefore demonstrating personification of Service Above Self in their everyday life.

Process:  Potential candidates for membership will be presented by the sponsoring member to the Membership Committee for consideration. Upon review of the candidate's background, experience and community or other service, as well as any potential duplication of current members' backgrounds or affiliations, the committee will determine the candidate's eligibility and forward their decision to the Board for action on their recommendation.  

1st Thursday Social

If you are interested in joining the Rotary Club of Nevada City please join us for a "lunch" meeting via ZOOM on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 12:15PM or at our Merchant Mixer Social at 5:30pm on the 1st and 3rd Thursday or each month.