The Rotary Club of Nevada City was chartered October 3, 1935.  Grass Valley Rotary sponsored the new Club.

Nevada City Rotary Club of 1935

1936 Nevada City Rotary

1935 Charter members of Nevada City Rotary were all men.  The sole woman in the photo was Mrs. P.J. Bonner and she was the pianist for the Club. She lived up on Drummond St. and was the neighbor of Elza Kilroy.

Elza Kilroy was the main person who pushed to start a Rotary Club but then, unfortunately couldn't become a member until a number of years later because his work schedule at the Post Office didn't allow him to attend noon meetings. After retirement he immediately joined the club and became one of it's hardest working, loyal members. He was also very active in the Fire Department and the Elks and the Chamber gives an award every year called the Elza Kilroy award to honor people who  are very active in giving back to the community. As a side note, his wife, Luvia, was my 2nd grade teacher. They were both really wonderful people. His grandson operates Kilroy Tow Service and still lives in the house on Drummond St. [Cathy Wilcox-Barnes Club Historian]