Special Rotario - December 31, 2018

Dear Rotarians,

Nominating Cathy Wilcox-Barnes President 2019-2020

Cathy Wilcox-BarnesAs everybody knows, the Nevada City Rotary Club needs a President Elect to serve as President for the 2019-2020 Rotary year.  I know that all of our Club members know this because I have mentioned it several times from the podium, asking for volunteers and have written about our need in numerous editions of this newsletter.  It has been the topic of conversation at many board meetings.

I only have two things to say.  One, Happy New Year and two, we have a volunteer.

Recognizing our plight our Immediate Past President Cathy is willing to take another go at leading our Club for another energized, fun filled, action packed year as only she can do.

I am truly excited and enthused to follow Cathy down the Rotary trail and support her visions for the coming year.

Our future is bright with Michael Young agreeing to follow Cathy for the 2020-2021 year and a strong bench of PEs in training.

That said, we have a few technical issues to deal with.  Our by-laws call for the elections for Club Officers to be held in December with nominations open for four weeks prior to a vote.  This is not the first time that our Club has breeched this requirement.  I don’t think that I said yes until March last year and Cathy didn’t say yes until February of the year before.  So, as you can see we are improving and actually set to be on target with by-law requirements by next year.  Given the fact that every member of the Club has been asked and all have said no to the prospect of being next year’s president and given the extraordinary success of Cathy’s last year as president I’m not anticipating any objection to our incredibly good fortune to have her agree to another term.

Cathy’s nomination is formally posted here and we will discuss it again at our next two meetings and it will be posted in future Rotarios before we have an official vote,

But unless I hear of serious objections I would like to notify the District and RI that the Rotary Club of Nevada City has a President Elect.

I look forward to your input on this matter as I also look forward to a vibrant Club for many fun and meaningful Rotary years to come.

Thank you,

President Tom

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