Rotario August 30, 2018

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Join us Next Week for a Social Mixer at 5:30pm Sept 6, 2018
Trolley Junction Restaurant at The Northern Queen
400 Railroad Avenue, Nevada City, CA 95959 Directions

I have spent the best part of this past week sorting through memories, thoughts, feelings and emotions all stirred up by last week’s speaker, Joe Scheimer, and his background to the Vietnam War.  The room seemed to be in deep thought as we heard first hand experience and reviewed the history going back 100 years that led to a war of staggering loss of life and treasure on all sides and ended with the same result as if it had never happened.  That’s not quite true because it did happen and the result was that it touched each of us in one way or another and has had its effect affecting each of our lives ever since.  Lessons learned?

I suppose that it is some of these life experiences that gives me great comfort in belonging to a non-political service organization doing its best to improve the quality of life for those suffering a lack of quality and has such a non-confrontational and forward thinking motto as Service Above Self.

With the thought of our motto fresh in mind this is probably a good time to announce this month’s Rotarian of the Month.  In a true act of selfless service and generosity last week without any fanfare, Ron Knaus quietly fined himself $100.00 because he was unable to participate in our pulled pork fair booth effort.  Then during the meeting he challenged the Club by offering up a matching opportunity 1:1 for any money donated to the net proceeds of our fair booth efforts.  Ron’s generosity inspired many in the room to get up and drop a five, ten or twenty dollar bill or two on the table in front of him.  By the time order was restored Ron had collected over $200 and with his matching offer on top of his self imposed fine had made up for any money that was lost during the power blackout Friday night at the fair.  One Rotarian’s generosity and inspiration inspired the rest of us to dig a little deeper and turn a loss in to a win for the Club.  For that effort and achievement Ron Knaus is the Rotarian of the Month.

Walt and Tom M. met up at the fair booth one last time Friday and closed the booth down for the year.  Panels installed over the screens around the cooking area, compressor shut down to the walk-in and locked up tight, all appropriate circuit breakers, water and gas lines shut down. Tom M had already drained the water heater and purged the Coke machine.  Sysco picked up leftover sauces, Ackerman Breads took the pallets for the buns, Coke claimed unused soft drink & C02 canisters, and as far as I know other than a final bill or two to come in and be paid, we are done.

We had a wonderous experience with Virtual Reality today at the Library -- from going inside a human heart, lungs and colon or traveling through a Salvador Dali painting with his famous elephants, to a birds eye view of the Presidents on Mt Rushmore, and culminating in a stomach turning experience on a roller-coaster, we shared a lot of laughs and awe. 

What a wonderous world!

Time is running out to sign up for the incredible Avenue of Services Seminar, September 8, in Reno.  If you are going sign up now - registration closes this weekend.  More information is attached below.

And don’t forget to sign up for the Miner’s Trail clean up (listed as Deer Creek Downtown Nevada City) on September 15 as a part of SYRCL’s Annual Clean Up.

Coming September 8 Avenues of Service Seminar

There is an incredible seminar coming up September 8th in Reno from 8:30 – 3:30 if you’re interested in learning more about the Avenues Of Service and how best to serve.  Registration closes this weekend and carpools are forming so follow the link and sign up now if you’d like to go.  And the good news is that there is money in the budget to pay your entry so there will be no cost to you. Our own Cathy W-B is chair of the Sergeant at Arms while Carolyn Feuille, Dennis Geare and Robin Milam will be facilitating various breakout sessions. 

Click for Avenues of Service Flyer ~ Avenues of Service is a Rotary day of Training for all Rotary Members.  A deeper dive into how to get things done in our Club and Community!  Inspiring new ways to be in action.  Design your own program from a smorgasbord of breakout sessions!

Click to watch video.

Nevada City Rotary Board Activities

Stay informed about actions your Nevada City Rotary Board of Directors is taking.  Minutes of Board Meetings and Club Leadership Retreats for the past year along with survey results, Club Bylaws, Nevada City Rotary Foundation 501 (c) 3 status and other documents are available in our "Members Only" section of our website at  If you need assistance remembering your user ID and password, contact Robin or reply to this newsletter.


Random Acts of Event - RAKE at Pioneer Park

Amelia Barrett is running the Pioneer Park Rake Event (on behalf of NCAOR) location this year on Saturday, October 6th from 9am to 12pm.  RAKE stands for Random Acts of Kindness and is an annual event that supports Anew Day, which was an organization that was created when Michael Bratton JR took his life many years ago.

It's an AWESOME and SHORT one day event to clean the community.  Amelia's location is, and always has been since the inception of this event, Pioneer Park.  We meet that morning and pick up trash and this year we get to also PAINT Seamans Lodge!  For those who don't know, our Club has a special connection with Seaman's Lodge. Our own local historian Cathy Wilcox-Barnes reminded us that in the 1930's Nevada City Rotary built the bathroom and kitchen extensions. The new facilities were required by Boy Scouts of America in order for the local scout troop to meet in the Lodge. 

Amelia would LOVE for NC Rotarians to sign up with her to represent Nevada City!  Click the RAKE icon or register online at:

Upcoming Events:

September 6:  Social 

September 8: Saturday - Avenues of Service Seminar - District Wide, Reno

September 13: Lunch: John Parkhouse, Dean of Sierra Academy of Expeditionary Learning and Erica Crane, Principal of SAEL

September 20: Social Dennis Geare - Field trip to Ensemble Design of Rotary TechEasy Program

October 4: Social Chris LaCentra:  GI JUNK

October 6:  Pioneer Park RAKE event 9am- 12 noon - click to register and participate with Amelia

October 11: Lunch:  Lori Osmond - “Situational Awareness and Empowerment”

October 18: Social Nathan Leischman - Craft Talk

October 25: Dinner Area 4 Foundation Dinner

November 9 Lunch: Valerie Costa - Special Sections of The Union

November 22: DARK Thanksgiving with loved ones

November 29: Fifth Thursday Dark

December 6: Holiday Party - TBD

December 13: Lunch

December 20: Social

December 27: DARK for Holidays

Thank you Nancy Kemp and Christine Newsom for coordinating our programs!

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The Nevada City Rotary Club is a diverse and welcoming group of people who live Service Above Self by giving financial and hands-on support to local, national & international communities while exemplifying ethical leadership, cooperation and good, clean fun.