Free COVID Mask Give Away in Nevada City

Free cloth masks available Saturday December 12, 2020 in Nevada City

Free reusable cloth face masks designed to protect individuals from the coronavirus will be handed at for the third time on Saturday December 12 at 9:30am at Dave’s Auto Repair in Nevada City. We will be done long before the Toy Run comes through on Zion Street!   The event is a joint effort with the Rotary Club of Nevada City and a group of sewers who call themselves “Mask Warriors Unite.”  Masks have been donated by Nevada County Mask Warriors Unite and Nevada City Rotarians.

Dave’s Auto Repair is located at 747 Zion St. in Nevada City. Community members were asked to stay in their cars and drive through the parking lot.

This event is a repeat of the very-popular Free COVID Mask Give Away events the groups hosted this summer.  The Mask Warriors volunteer their time and expertise to make reusable cloth masks. Materials are from the sewers’ personal supply or purchased with donations from the community, which are encouraged.